Has Can Yaman already forgotten Diletta? The report: 'He might be dating someone'.

Has Can Yaman already forgotten Diletta? The report: 'He might be dating someone'.

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta continue to be at the center of media attention. Their relationship is the most talked-about of this summer 2021, although the two are no longer seen together and there would be little doubt that their story has come to an end. Gossip expert Deianira Marzano, who reported a report on the Turkish actor on social networks that, apparently, he is already dating another girl, has also thought to increase the dose.

The breakup of Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta
In detail, Deianira Marzano wanted to report on her social profile, a report that came to her and that has as a protagonist just Can Yaman.

"He would be dating a person who deals with high-level aesthetics," let know the gossip expert, in the past also a castaway of L'Isola dei famosi.

Deianira's comments were on some photos where the Turkish actor was seen alongside a mysterious brunette, whose face was not revealed for a matter of privacy.

The report on Can Yaman and the new alleged dating
At the same time, Marzano did not exclude that it could also be a simple friendship between Can Yaman and this mysterious girl, even if she then talked about other "little things" that were sent to her about the two people involved.

Is it possible that the Turkish actor has already forgotten the relationship and the feeling he felt towards Diletta, who since this week has returned to devote herself "body and soul" to her work?

In short, the mystery of the summer couple is getting more and more intense and on the morning of August 24, even the paparazzo Maurizio Sorge expressed his opinion on what is happening between Can Yaman and Diletta.

Sorge does not exclude a betrayal at the base of the breakup of Can Yaman and Diletta
After having followed them for several months, catching them during their various trips around Italy, Sorge has not ruled out the possibility that the reason for this breakup between Can and Diletta may have something to do with the betrayal of one of the two, which would explain this cold and, at the same time, extremely sudden break up of the two.

The fact is that, despite the rumors circulating on their account, both Can Yaman and the sport presenter continue to maintain silence and absolute secrecy on social networks.

The two, in fact, have never said much about what is happening, preferring to entrench themselves behind a resounding silence that makes even more noise among fans, who now have no doubt that the relationship between Yaman and Leotta has been archived.

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