Kerem Bürsin shared the painful event he experienced: I lost my best friend in an accident!

Kerem Bürsin shared the painful event he experienced: I lost my best friend in an accident!

You just turned 34. What do you wish for your new age?

I am very grateful and I think this is important. But right now, the state of the world makes me very sad. Let's wake up now, that's my wish. I think we need to protect the earth. A lot of what we are doing is causing a lot of harm to it.

Did things change in your view about your life as you got older?

He thought he was bringing home a puppy. He realized that the situation was a little different.

After 30 years, the years go so fast. It's like I was 22 years old the other day. But the most important thing is to find inner peace, I realized that.

Did you find it?

Yes, in fact, it was not difficult. What makes it difficult is the life we live and the system that is imposed on us. But once you understand what is important and unimportant to you in life, you start to change. I'm either going to live my life the way I don't want to, or the way I want to and the way I am... It has to be chosen.

While you've been playing cooler-looking characters up to this point, you've been appearing in comedy-oriented works this year. Unlike many players, you've become a casual, funny guy. Is that because of what you said?

I ask myself, "What am I doing? Now it's time to try something different, I say. I am such a man. But I've always felt forced to fit into a mold.

So why? Pressure from the industry?

A lot of things are imposed. You do something, they say, "This is wrong." For whom? We need a little more freedom. I'm also interested in activist issues. When you read about patriarchal society, you see the system and what the system doesn't accept. I don't want to support it. I want to be myself, to stand up for what I believe in.

You are very natural on your social media accounts, you don't have to worry about "Do I look ugly". However, nowadays, many players are looking like themselves with filters. What do you say about the uniformity of players?

Bad in my philosophy. And who is beautiful according to whom and who is ugly according to whom? The important thing is to be natural. Natural is attractive, honest. Perfection does not exist and should not be. Beautiful with human defects.

It's nice to be natural, but you're also one of the sexiest men in the country. How does it create a big ego to be someone who is loved by so many people?

If you stick to it and focus on it, it creates the ego. It's nice to be liked, but it's not my focus for my goals. Also, I don't think I'm sexy, really. I don't see myself that way, nor do I want to see myself that way. Nonsense!

You've played characters who have fallen in love or fallen out of love with each other for years. In the meantime, have you been able to work out the male-female relationships?

Balance is important in relationships and in life, I understood that.

Have you solved love?

I don't know. Don't let the love fall apart!

The last time we spoke to you, you said emphatically, "There is no love". Then we heard about your relationship with Hande Erçel. What happened?

Sometimes you have to let life take its own course.

You are acting together in the TV series "Sen Çal Kapımı". What is the effect of playing a role in the same show on both the relationship and the acting?

We both approach our work with professionalism. In my opinion, Hande and everyone else in this profession, professionalism comes into play. I don't put my personal life at work. This Eda character, I am Serkan... Has anything changed in the work? It has not changed.

Are you a romantic or a logical man?

I am a romantic, but I am not a romantic in the usual stereotypes we are used to.

Why is that?

Because I am an advocate for feminist politics. This stereotypical romance sometimes starts from a very patriarchal place.

You went to America at a young age, you started playing there. Have you ever thought about what would have happened if you hadn't gone?

Would I have the opportunity to act, right? I wonder.

You came to Turkey at a time when everyone was trying to expand abroad. Have you ever regretted it?

I didn't. I'm even grateful. In fact, a bad event that I experienced brought me here. I lost my best friend in an accident. How and when we leave; something we don't know. This incident made me understand better. I am Turkish and have almost never lived in Turkey. It made me feel a little bit missing in my identity and humanity. I came to fill this gap and to cope with the loss of my friend.

At first, you were criticized for your Turkish. Have you ever been discouraged?

No, some of it was a fair criticism. I said, "I have to fix this," I tried. But then one day, I went through something. I didn't make any plans yet. I went to a meeting. I made a sentence and one of them said, "You can't do anything here with your Turkish. However, if he said, "You can't play this role," I would understand. That was a strange comment. From black and white cinema and before there was no sound, people watched movies and felt the emotion. Acting is about sharing emotions for me.

Did this person later regret it?

We met years later and he apologized. I have nothing to grudge. I already thought I would become an actor.

Do you like to live life with a plan or on a flow?

I like to plan, but I don't plan everything. I trust the universe even if something I wanted didn't happen the way I wanted. The word "Good luck" ... This state of mind relaxes me. Some things are not in your control. The important thing is to love yourself and move forward.

What is your red line?

Lack of respect. It all starts with respect and empathy.

Kerem Bürsin: I want to be myself, to stand up for what I believe in

You wear a pink suit in the commercial, you wore a wedding dress in the TV series "Aynen Aynen". These were discussed...

I don't understand, how can we talk so much about color or an outfit? For example, I'm wearing pink socks right now. I love the color pink.

There are certain filters in society...

Nonsense! Why shouldn't I wear what I like because of these filters? Have we eaten? Now we have to get rid of them. For example, Brad Pitt wore a dress for his first magazine shoot after "Fight Club". So what? The things that define my identity are my heart, my brain, my thoughts... These filters are wrong.

Well, recently, actresses are admitting to the harassment and violence they were exposed to from their loved ones. How do you feel about this news?

I'm really sorry. Because it's so common. 16 million women a year are exposed to violence in this country. Why does this kind of thing happen? I don't understand why it can't be stopped. I don't understand why people can't talk anymore. Yes, I know there is patriarchal pressure, but...

Are you a feminist?

Yes, I am a person who advocates feminist politics.

This summer, you're everywhere, from TV shows to commercials. It's as if you were writing...

This summer I spent working. We have been shooting commercials in Bodrum. For those wondering, every picture in the commercials was real. I also got into the hot tub filled with ice, I actually shared my watermelon with the parrot, but of course, I wasn't the one diving into that pool like that in the first commercial. Our series of ads will continue in the future. The new season of the TV series "Aynen Aynen" has also begun airing. "You Knock My Door" is already underway.

You Knock My Door' was loved, its new season has begun. What is the difference between acting in a romantic comedy for you? For example, some people find romantic jobs too easy or don't count as acting...

I think every genre has its own challenges. It's also about the script and the depth of the characters. I see comedy as a bit of a secret weapon. You also see it in the history of theater; You raise awareness with comedy and criticize the system.

He created his own production company, Braveborn. What happened? Production suspended?

No, this has been my dream since college. In fact, our logo was a logo I drew in a notebook in college. Altan Dönmez is a director I really like, he was also involved in the production. We have an incredible synergy. How Martin Scorsese made a lot of movies with Robert De Niro and Leonardo Di Caprio, I always told Altan Abi, "You are my very own Scorsese". Our companies have merged. Our goal is to do good things. We have a lot of work accumulated and we are going for it.

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