Sen Çal Kapimi, Kerem Bürsin: I love Hande so much, she is an amazing person.

Sen Çal Kapimi, Kerem Bürsin: I love Hande so much, she is an amazing person.

The interview that Kerem Bürsin, Serkan of Sen Çal Kapımı, gave to the microphones of Hakan Gence for the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet was an open-hearted one. It was a chat in which the actor had the chance to talk about his professional career, his dreams, but also about the love he is living with his set colleague Hande Erçel, to whom he did not disdain words full of feeling.

Kerem and the desire for change
This is an interview in which Kerem Bürsin talked about his life and the passing of time. In fact, on June 4, he turned 34, although inside he feels a little younger: "I feel 20 years old, although turning 34 is very interesting.

Thirty goes so fast...".

A life in which he is not so much a lover of routine, on the contrary, change teases him quite a bit, such as the aesthetic one in terms of hair that he had to deal with for the second season of Sen Çal Kapımı: "I love change and it' the first time in my life that I grew my hair so long."

Kerem's love for Hande
A space was reserved in the interview for what Kerem thinks about love: "Love is something extraordinary. It is one of those things that makes us more human, in every sense of the word. Whether it's in art or any other field, love inspires us and can also make us think."

Of course, a question about her partner in life, and on the set, Hande Erçel, could not escape.

Although Kerem prefers not to talk so much to the press about his private life, he took the time to review his relationship: "It's going well. She' an amazing person, I love her so much. Plus we are very close friends and that is a precious thing."

The two these days are experiencing a romantic vacation, which came after the end of the filming of the second season of Sen Çal Kapımı.

The couple, in fact, is in a resort in the southwestern beaches of Turkey and daily capture the moments they spend together to publish them on their respective social networks.

Kerem: 'I don't want to trap myself in a cage'
Kerem also got to talk about his future. Specifically, no official project was mentioned, but the actor is very clear about what he wants to be: "I want to live my life, I don't want to trap myself in a cage."

However, in Turkey, but also all over the world, fans of Sen Çal Kapımı are waiting for the series finale, which will be aired on Wednesday, September 8 on Fox Türkiye. In Italy, however, is still unknown the future of Love is in the air: with the start of the new autumn schedule of Canale 5, from September 13, it is not yet clear what will be the position of the series.

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