Sen Çal Kapımı: farewell to Küba, the four-legged interpreter of Sirius

Sen Çal Kapımı: farewell to Küba, the four-legged interpreter of Sirius

On Sunday, August 1st, there was news that touched the hearts of the fans of Sen Çal Kapımı, the Turkish TV series that tells the story of Eda and Serkan, played respectively by Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin. In fact, Küga, the rottweiler who played Sirius, Serkan Bolat's faithful four-legged friend, passed away. The news was released by the interpreter of Eda via his Instagram profile.

Farewell to Sirius, Serkan Bolat's faithful friend in Sen Çal Kapımı
On August 1, Küba, the rottweiler who played the role of Sirius, Serkan Bolat's faithful dog, in the series Sen Çal Kapımı passed away.

The news was given on social media by Leman Türkmenoğlu, the rottweiler's owner, but it bounced to the headlines when it was spread on Instagram, via a story, by Hande Erçel (the interpreter of Eda Yıldız, ed.). The cause of death is unknown, but his owner specified that he "died in a manner befitting his nobility."

Beloved by the fans of the series, especially for being the symbol of the love story between Eda and Serkan, Küba was always present during the first season, while in the second season he concluded with an appearance in episode 44, aired in Turkey on July 7, in which he got to know Kiraz, Serkan's daughter.

In fact, he introduced her to his friend, right after revealing to her that he is her father.

The news of Küba's death caused a lot of emotion among Sen Çal Kapımı's fans. There are countless tribute videos on his social networks and the word "Sirius", on the evening of August 1, was the number one trending topic on Twitter, recording more than 30,000 tweets.

The history of Sirius and Serkan within Sen Çal Kapımı
The role of Sirius, within Sen Çal Kapımı, was very important for the figure of Serkan Bolat. Before the arrival of Eda in his life, he was the only one who saved him from his loneliness. In fact, he always used to say: "I have three friends: Engin, Pırıl, and Sirius".

The figure of the dog also managed to bring out the sweetness of Serkan, who in terms of feelings has always been considered (even by Eda herself) a "robot". The architect himself had told the girl that he had saved Sirius' life. He was a fighting dog and had found him covered with wounds and blood. For three days he had cleaned and treated his wounds and only in this way he managed to save him, and from that moment on Sirius trusted only Serkan, while the others snarled at him, with the exception of Eda and Kiraz with whom, from the beginning, he had a special feeling.

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