Argentero posts a photo with Can Yaman and Bova: the fans go crazy

Argentero posts a photo with Can Yaman and Bova: the fans go crazy

In one shot, three of the most fascinating actors in the television landscape. This is what appeared on Luca Argentero's Instagram profile yesterday, a photo that was later reposted by Can Yaman as well. The two actors, who will soon work together on the set of Sandokan, have found each other and have immortalized the moment, but they were not alone, with them also Raoul Bova. Immediately, the shot has made a lot of likes and positive comments. Especially since this image was a way to shut up all the gossip that wanted the two future colleagues in bad relations.

Three fascinating actors in one shot
There was a Turinese, a Roman and a Turkish-Roman...': with this witty description, which seems almost the beginning of a joke, Luca Argentero accompanied the shot that most likely came at the end of a pleasant evening spent in the company of Can Yaman and Raoul Bova. Luca embraces Can as if to prove that between him and the actor born in Istanbul there are no antipathies or disagreements, as the Gossip rumors had spread during the summer that is coming to an end.

The filming of Sandokan will soon begin, with Yaman playing the main role, while Argentero will be on set as Yanez, the right-hand man of the main interpreter of the Lux Vide production.

As for Bova, at the moment there are no indications about his involvement in the film, but the photo could suggest his possible presence in the series. It seems therefore that the work begins under the best auspices. The fact is that fans have enjoyed the fact that they can see them close right away. 'And then there are billions of women without oxygen after seeing this photo', wrote a user who called them the fantastic 3.

The next commitments between work and private life
In the meantime, Can will soon begin filming with Francesca Chillemi for 'Viola come il mare'. Luca Argentero, on the other hand, is already back at work on the set of Doc-Nelle tue mani 2. As for Bova, he will also appear in Don Matteo 13. And if as far as work is concerned, all three are 'busy', there is some difference on a sentimental level.

While Argentero is happily living with his wife Cristina Marino who gave him his first daughter and Bova shares his life with his partner Rocio Munoz Morales, with whom he had two daughters after the two boys born from his first marriage, the situation 'of the heart' is more complicated for Yaman. The Turkish actor seemed to be one step away from the marriage with Diletta Leotta but in the last few days something may have changed, so much so that there have been rumors of a new female interest for Can.

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