Can Yaman and Demet, backstory: 'Their relationships are fake, made for deals and projects'

Can Yaman and Demet, backstory: 'Their relationships are fake, made for deals and projects'

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, the couple of actors of the soap opera "DayDreamer - The Wings of the Dream", end up in the crosshairs of Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica. According to Rosica, the two would follow some agreements related to their sentimental relationships. In particular, Can Yaman would have pretended during his relationship with Diletta Leotta, while Demet would be pretending in her relationship with Oguzhan Koc.

The backstory on Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir
In detail, Rosica returned to talk about the golden couple of the soap opera DayDreamer, revealing that both the relationship between Can and Diletta and the current one between Demet and Oguzhan, would be fake in both cases.

"Fake story for deals, projects, and greater visibility. Created by managers," Rosica wrote on social media, adding that in both cases they would have followed the same strategy.

"Just like Can and Diletta," continued still Rosica, who from the first moment had moved doubts against the relationship that sees the Turkish actor and the Sicilian sportswoman.

The gossip expert Rosica reveals the relationships of Can and Demet
Still according to Rosica, however, there would be only one difference in the relationships of these two couples. In fact, the social gossip expert revealed that while Can and Diletta would have had intimate relations during their relationship, the same thing would not happen between Demet Ozdemir and singer Oguzhan.

This is a revelation that has not gone unnoticed by the fans of the couple of Turkish actors who in recent years has been able to conquer the Italian audience, to the point that many would like to see them again as soon as possible protagonists of a new television series, maybe even Italian.

Waiting to find out how the situation will evolve and if Demet or Can will break the silence after this backstage of Rosica on their account, the Turkish actor in these hours has posted a photo that portrays him alongside two other actors of the Italian fiction.

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