Can Yaman and Diletta, he continues to keep silent but fans blurt out: 'What a bad act' (Video)

Can Yaman and Diletta, he continues to keep silent but fans blurt out: 'What a bad act' (Video)

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta has officially come to an end. What seemed to be a relationship destined to make fans dream for a long time to come, has officially ended and this time the confirmation has come from the sportswoman herself. Interviewed at Verissimo, Diletta confirmed the end of her relationship with the Turkish actor who, on the contrary, continues to pursue the path of silence. Meanwhile, however, fans continue not to believe in the veracity of this relationship, and criticism against the couple is not lacking.

The break-up between Can Yaman and Diletta: she breaks the silence at Verissimo
In detail, after weeks of rumors and indiscretions about the end of this much-talked-about love story, anchorwoman Diletta Leotta chose to break the silence and to do so by granting her first television interview to the program Verissimo, successfully hosted by Silvia Toffanin.

Leotta thus confirmed the end of her relationship with Turkish actor Can Yaman, admitting that it was one of the most beautiful stories of her life, characterized by a great passion that united them and "overwhelmed" them, to the point of pushing the actor to ask her to marry him after just one month of acquaintance and dating." Those who think that love can be planned don't know what love is", Diletta emphasized during her interview, pointing her finger at those who, in these months, have always doubted their love, thinking that it was all planned.

The silence of Can Yaman who continues to remain silent
An interview during which Diletta could not hold back her emotion, almost bursting into tears when she confirmed the breakup with the actor.

Can Yaman, on the other hand, continues to maintain secrecy and prefers to remain silent about what happened with his now ex-girlfriend. The actor, despite Diletta's clarifying interview, has literally ignored everything and has remained silent without revealing his version of the facts.

Social fans blurt out after the break-up of Can Yaman and Diletta

Meanwhile, however, after the interview with Verissimo, criticism from fans was not lacking and there are those who further questioned this relationship, believing that it was a real "fairy tale" in the sense that it would never exist for real.

"How to fake it big time. More fake than the 2 euro paper," wrote some commenters on social against Diletta Leotta."What a bad act," sentenced a social user after seeing the interview granted to Verissimo.
"You've learned your part, what a good one," blurted yet another fan who does not believe this version of the facts of the conductor.

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