Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta have broken up? The two stop exchanging 'like' on IG

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta have broken up? The two stop exchanging 'like' on IG

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta are more and more distant from each other. It is now more than a month that the two protagonists of the Gossip of this summer 2021, do not appear together anymore and the rumors of crisis and permanent split are more and more insistent. The parties involved, however, prefer to remain silent: so far they have not said a word about what is happening even if the key evidence comes from social media, where they stopped exchanging "like".

The goodbye between Can Yaman and Diletta: the two are more and more distant

In detail, since the beginning of August, Can and Diletta have lost track of each other. After a first part of the summer spent together, to the point that the actor chose to introduce his new girlfriend also to his family in Turkey, silence fell on the two protagonists of the gossip. On social networks, Can and Diletta have started to talk about their "single" life: each on his own around Italy, in the company of their respective friends.

Although the two continue to follow each other on Instagram, it has not gone unnoticed that for about a month they have stopped exchanging 'like' each other. In recent weeks, Can Yaman has posted several significant shots of his career path.

The Diletta-Can couple stops exchanging 'likes' on social networks

From the picture in which he signed the contract with Lux Vide for the fiction "Viola come il mare" (where he will be starring alongside actress Francesca Chillemi) to the shots of the Venice Film Festival, where he was awarded as the revelation character of the year.

The photos have made a boom of likes among the fans of the Turkish actor but, among the various "hearts" are missing those of Diletta Leotta. The sports anchorwoman, who until a few months ago was always active in putting likes to the social photos of her boyfriend, now no longer appears in the list of those who appreciate the photos of Can. However, the same thing is also done by Yaman, as his 'likes' to Diletta Leotta's photos no longer appear on Instagram.

The silence of Can Yaman and Leotta

It would seem to be yet another indication that the two have chosen to take two different paths and that they have said goodbye for good.

However, up to this moment, both Can Yaman and Diletta, have never broken the social silence and have never been clear with the many fans who have shared their love story, about what is happening.

A real "yellow" that continues to fascinate the fans: many, in fact, hope that it may be a temporary crisis and that as soon as possible they can get back together again, happy and in love, as was the case until a month ago.

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