Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, Rosica: 'Is everything clearer? They marched on it'

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, Rosica: 'Is everything clearer? They marched on it'

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta are at the center of Gossip since the beginning of 2021, because of their engagement and, if in the first months of the year the media attention was focused on knowing the details of their love story, in the last weeks they tried to understand the causes of the hypothetical end of their relationship. Alessandro Rosica, who first announced the breakup between Can and Diletta, is back to talk about the Turkish actor and the Dazn sports presenter, reiterating his position on the matter. The celebrity gossip expert, in fact, reminded his followers that the engagement between Yaman and Leotta would have been created at the table and both would have earned money from their union.

Rosica talks about the story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta
Diletta Leotta will be one of the guests of the episode of Verissimo that will air on Saturday, September 25th. The sports presenter of Dazn, in fact, will be interviewed, as announced on the official profile of the program hosted by Silvia Toffanin. After the news of Diletta's participation in the Canale 5 program was leaked, Alessandro Rosica expressed his opinion about it. The gossip expert, in fact, has published an Instagram story, in which he asked his followers: ''Is everything clearer to you now?".

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman could not have talked about the breakup
According to Rosica, moreover, the couple could not have previously talked about the breakup of their engagement and, in this regard, Alessandro said: ''They marched on it until the end.

Before they couldn't talk about the breakup. And I've always told you that''. The words of the gossip expert could explain the silence maintained during the last weeks, by the protagonist of DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno and by the sports anchorwoman of Dazn on the affair, despite the indiscretions leaked on their account about the hypothetical end of their engagement.

Can Yaman is focused on his career and is far away from Diletta Leotta
Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta seem to be estranged and the couple has not been seen together for some time now. The actor from Istanbul is dedicating himself to his entrepreneurial activity, with the promotion of his fragrance, and to his career as an actor, starting to work for the new fiction Viola come il mare.

Diletta, instead, is continuing her work on the sidelines for Dazn. We just have to wait for the episode of Verissimo on September 25 to find out if Leotta will talk about the breakup with Can Yaman or if the topic will not be discussed.

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