Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, she blurts out after the break-up: 'It's my business, they massacre me'

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, she blurts out after the break-up: 'It's my business, they massacre me'

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta have been at the center of gossip all summer long for their much talked about love story. The two, however, at some point have lost their tracks, and this love that had made many fans dream ended up in oblivion. After a few weeks, although the two have never officially confirmed the end of their relationship, Diletta has returned to talk and has revealed that she has also chosen to change her house because she couldn't take the continuous media attention anymore.

The breakup between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta
In detail, Can Yaman and Diletta found themselves for several months at the center of the media attention for this love story that made fans dream but that, at the same time, also triggered heated controversies.

Since the very first moment, in fact, there have been doubts about the couple and someone even hypothesized that theirs was a love story "by contract". Since the beginning of August, Can and Diletta have lost track of each other: the two have not appeared together anymore and now seem to have taken completely different paths. In short, there would be no more doubts about the fact that they would have said goodbye in a definitive way and that by now their relationship has reached the end of the line.

Diletta Leotta's target is massacring me".
In these days, however, Diletta has returned to talk about the last period that has seen her perennially protagonist of Italian gossip, with paparazzi that have followed her "day and night" to find every detail of her love story with Can Yaman.

The presenter has harshly vented against those who, in recent times, would have violated her privacy." The objective is to massacre me, demoralize me, take away some energy," explained to the sports presenter as reported in the pages of the magazine directed by Riccardo Signoretti.

Diletta Leotta's harsh outburst on her private life
Diletta has not hidden the fact that, in this way, she is convinced that her professionalism is being massacred and this is something that she cannot accept.

It all stems from the excessive media attention that revolves around her private life and especially her love story with the Turkish actor, who held court for the whole summer between social photos and various paparazzi, before the farewell.

"It moves on futile aspects, which are not relevant because they are my business," explained the conductor, adding that she also chose to change home because now she no longer felt quiet, complicit in the presence of some drones that last spring spied on her from the window.

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