Can Yaman and Luca Argentero, after the rumors of a quarrel they finally 'deny' it and start preparing for Sandokan

Can Yaman and Luca Argentero, after the rumors of a quarrel they finally 'deny' it and start preparing for Sandokan

Can Yaman and Luca Argentero at dinner together. This is the photo that in the evening of September 8 has been depopulated on social networks, putting an end to all the rumors of disputes and quarrels that seem to have been between the two actors, who will both be the protagonists of the Italian remake of Sandokan, the 'highly anticipated television series from Lux vide, which will air during the next television season.

The truth about the relationship between Can Yaman and Argentero
In detail, during the summer, there have been rumors about possible quarrels between Luca Argentero and Can Yaman.

It was even rumored that the two had met this summer in Gallipoli, in the same club, without exchanging a greeting. Indiscretions that, the two directly concerned, have never confirmed or denied: during the summer they have tried to keep away from Gossip and to avoid making statements about this alleged enmity. On September 8, however, the two actors of the moment have broken the silence and in their own way have "denied" these rumors of quarrel by publishing a shot that sweeps away any doubt.

The new TV engagements of Argentero, Bova and Yaman
Luca Argentero published on his official Instagram profile a photo in which he appeared in the company of Can Yaman (with a pat on the back) and Raoul Bova.

These are the three new leading faces of the Lux Vide series.
Argentero, in fact, is back on the set for the new episodes of Doc Nelle tue mani 2, whose airing is scheduled for the first months of 2022.

Can Yaman, on the other hand, will be on set from the end of September for the shooting of the fiction Viola come il mare, destined for prime time on Canale 5. Raoul Bova, after the success of Buongiorno mamma, will join the cast of Don Matteo 13, where he will take the place of the historic priest played by Terence Hill (who has decided of his own free will to leave the cast of the fiction).

In 2022, the shooting of the series with Can Yaman
Luca Argentero and Can Yaman will also be the protagonists of the remake of Sandokan: filming will begin in the early months of 2022 and the fiction will be aired during the next television season.

In short, a clear shot, with which the two actors underlined the fact that their relationship is not in crisis at all, and in this way they are preparing to face the set of Sandokan.In the meantime, however, it remains to be dissolved the yellow linked to the love story between Can and Diletta Leotta: the two for more than a month no longer show up together even if, on social media, they continue to keep quiet and pretend that nothing happened.

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