Can Yaman, Anil Çelik: 'I'm very happy about what's happening in his life'

Can Yaman, Anil Çelik: 'I'm very happy about what's happening in his life'

Can Yaman has been at the center of Gossip since the beginning of 2021, since he moved to Italy to continue his working career in our country. In a recent interview, Anil Çelik talked about his relationship with the DayDreamer - The Wings of Dream and confided that he is a friend of his. CeyCey's interpreter also said that he is very happy with what is happening in Can's life. Anil also talked about his career and the characters he has played in soaps.

Can Yaman is Anil Çelik's friend even away from the set
Anil Çelik gave an exclusive interview for the official magazine of DayDreamer, in which he also talked about Can Yaman. The two Turkish actors, during the filming of Mr.Wrong, have shared many moments spent together on the set of the soap and, in addition to being colleagues, have established a friendship. In this regard, in fact, Çelik said: ''We are friends. I know Can is spending a lot of time in Italy right now." The Turkish actor also explained what friendship is for him, revealing: ''If you can know and understand a friend as you know and understand yourself, to identify with his life, then you are in front of a real friendship''.

Anil Çelik and Can Yaman are in touch and keep texting each other
Talking about the geographical distance that currently separates him from Can Yaman, the CeyCey performer said, ''He and I text each other and keep in touch.'' Anil Çelik also expressed his opinion about the success that the DayDreamer - The Wings of Dreaming protagonist is achieving in our country and said he is happy for his friend. Emre's actor, in this regard, said, ''I am very happy for what is happening in his life and his career.''

Can Yaman could pave the way for many Turkish actors in Italy
Thanks to Can Yaman's popularity in Italy, Anil Çelik is confident about what could happen to his Turkish colleagues in the future.

In fact, the CeyCey actor speculated that, thanks to his friend Yaman, opportunities could open up in Europe for other Turkish actors as well. In particular, Çelik said: ''I believe that Can's success in Europe could pave the way for the success of many other Turkish actors. Regarding the soap DayDreamer, Anil confided that his favorite scene in the soap was the first meeting between Can and Sanem in the theater. We just have to wait a while to find out if Can Yaman and Anil Çelik, besides being friends away from the set, will be together again in some other work project.

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