Can Yaman forget Diletta Leotta with Moran Atias? The actress answers with a laugh

Can Yaman forget Diletta Leotta with Moran Atias? The actress answers with a laugh

Can Yaman continues to be the most followed and most talked-about character of the moment. The Turkish actor has lived all summer at the center of gossip for his troubled love story with Diletta Leotta, which seems to have come to an end. For more than a month the two have not been seen together and during the Venice Film Festival, there was talk of complicit glances between Can and the actress and model Moran Atias, to the point of assuming a flirtation.

The breakup between Can and Diletta Leotta: the two are getting more and more distant
In detail, Can Yaman attended the Venice Film Festival to collect a prestigious award that was given to him as the revelation character of the year.

Many hoped that at his side, in this event so important, there was the conductor Diletta Leotta, but so it was not. The face symbol of the platform Dazn did not attend the evening in which the Turkish actor was awarded and now the two are no longer seen together for several weeks.

According to the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica there would be no doubt that the two have said goodbye for good, although on social media have not yet made clear, officially, what happened after the trip to Turkey, which seemed to promise well.

The Turkish actor parades in Venice with Moran Atias and the gossip turns on
So at the Venice Film Festival Can paraded on the red carpet in the company of another woman: model and actress Moran Atias.

The complicit glances and embarrassed smiles of Can and Moran have made the rounds of the web and social networks, to the point that the Italian and Turkish press has not ruled out the fact that there could be a real feeling between the two and even a possible flirtation in progress.

But what is the truth of the facts? Has Can Yaman forgotten Diletta with Moran Atias?

For the moment, the Turkish actor has not said a word about this flirtation that has been attributed to him, preferring to focus primarily on his working career.

The answer of Moran Atias on the rumors of flirtation with Yaman
On the contrary, however, Moran Atias on social posted stories in which she showed all the articles that came out in recent days, where they talked about this alleged involvement with the Turkish star.

The actress has responded by adding a "smiley face", with which she has silenced the rumors of these days, suggesting that there would be nothing concrete with the sex symbol who has made millions of fans around the world go crazy.

Waiting to find out how the situation will evolve, Can is preparing for his next television commitment: soon will start shooting "Viola come il mare", the new fiction that will star him on Canale 5.

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