Can Yaman in Rome, a crowd of fans and Piazza del Popolo is set on fire.

Can Yaman in Rome, a crowd of fans and Piazza del Popolo is set on fire.

It's easy to say "mamma li turchi" when the muscular beauty of Can Yaman suddenly appears. The legions of lucky (and lucky) people who found themselves in front of him can confirm this. Euphoria was sky-high yesterday morning in Piazza del Popolo where the famous Turkish actor made a surprise blitz to ignite the atmosphere of an advertising set. 

Coming back from the marathon of red carpet at the Venice Lido for the Film Festival (his photo with Luca Argentero and Raul Bova was heart-stopping), here he is in Rome. And he could not escape the volcanic lens of the King of the paparazzi, Rino Barillari. Tic tac. At 8:35 the set comes to life, in front of the famous Café on the square. A bustle of equipment dictated by the script. A series of shirts, ironing machines, ironing board... Fifteen people from the Turkish production organize the scene. 

They seat the beautiful Turkish actress at the bar table. She is alone, contemplating the beauty of Valadier Square, and everything is still quiet. They look like (normal) film shoots, like so many seen in Rome. Then, two gigantic bodyguards appeared, police cars arrived directly from the first district police station. They set up in the square to monitor safety distances. And here's the surprise.

At 1:15 p.m. Can Yaman makes his entrance in a car with tinted windows. He gets out and rushes to the set to camouflage himself. He is the protagonist of the commercial for a Turkish brand of luxury shirts (casual chic for hundreds of euros). Sitting at the table, sunglasses, long hair and hipster chic beard, he sports a white shirt. And the fans take notice. It takes the race to selfie and video. Broken hearts? But anyway he left Diletta Leotta ... comments a lady. Hey, what about James Dean?, another one echoes. Cell phones in hand, girls go crazy. And the police intervene to stop the last legion of lovers.

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