Can Yaman is featured on Rai 1 at the Seat Music Awards, quoted by Alessandro Siani (Video)

Can Yaman is featured on Rai 1 at the Seat Music Awards, quoted by Alessandro Siani (Video)

Can Yaman also lands on Rai 1, during the second episode of the Seat Music Awards 2021. The Turkish actor, who in recent years has made Italian fans go crazy with his successful TV series, on the evening of September 10 was the protagonist of Alessandro Siani's comic monologue, who took part in the show hosted by Carlo Conti and Vanessa Incontrada. So, the ex-boyfriend of Diletta Leotta, was also the "involuntary" protagonist of the music show on air on Rai's national network.

Alessandro Siani brings up Can Yaman at the Seat Music Awards 2021
In detail, Alessandro Siani brought up Can Yaman during his monologue at the Seat Music Awards, trying to imagine the reactions of women when they see him appear on television, in his successful series that are increasingly winning over Italian audiences.

"She looks at me and says: but aren't you jealous of Can Yaman?" said Siani ironically during his appearance on Rai 1, comparing even the body of an "ordinary person" with the super toned and trained physique of the Turkish actor, who will soon be starring in the remake of Sandokan.

In short, despite being a face launched by Mediaset competitors, Can Yaman continues to "appear" even on Rai's national network, a few months after his cameo in the hit TV series "Che Dio ci aiuti", starring Elena Sofia Ricci, Valeria Fabrizi and Francesca Chillemi.

Can's new TV engagement with Francesca Chillemi

Speaking of the former Miss Italia Chillemi, she will be Can Yaman's new female partner in the new Mediaset fiction, entitled "Viola come il mare".

Filming will begin between the end of September and the beginning of October and will see the Yaman-Chillemi couple working together for most of the fall season.

Once this commitment is over, the actor will then dedicate himself to the filming of Sandokan: the fiction is scheduled for the 2022 television season, but at the moment it is not yet known where it will be broadcast.

It could be broadcast on generalist channels but it is not excluded that it could also land on a streaming platform, as in the case of Amazon Prime or Netflix.

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