Can Yaman, the man of records! The King is back!

Can Yaman, the man of records! The King is back!

Despite the love storm around him, Can Yaman is always in great shape, not only physically, but also on a media level. As you all know by now, yesterday, the adventure of the Turkish actor in Viola come il mare officially started. The production wanted to dedicate to the new Mediaset drama, the Twitter hashtag #ViolaComeIlMareCiak.

Can Yaman, flies on Twitter to the sound of records!
And here, we saw with actions and not words, all the media potential of Can Yaman!

The actor himself shared in his Instagram stories (@canyaman) a series of photos with which he highlighted the records of the day!

Let's see them together!

The hashtag has been trending in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, a Latin American country where Turkish soaps are beloved!

Can Yaman, King of Eastern European countries!
But the real surprise comes from Eastern European countries!

As you can see from the photos, in Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Poland, Can Yaman got hundreds of thousands of tweets.

In Poland, he made a real record of the day, with 166,000 tweets!

So, after a long break from acting in the TV arena, Can Yaman is back in a big way, confirming his nickname as the "King of Turkish Soaps"!

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  1. Can Yaman has always had star quality. A man Turkiye can be proud of. At beginning was young, inexperienced. Stumbled here and there. Needed to grow into it. It's obvious from his trajectory he will be better still. Kudos to Can Yaman and kudos to his family and Turkiye which produced him.


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