Can Yaman takes a bad rap for Venice attendance: just 'equal to Robinson Crusoe'

Can Yaman takes a bad rap for Venice attendance: just 'equal to Robinson Crusoe'

Rain of criticism for Can Yaman. The 31-year-old Istanbul-born actor was criticized by the media for his presence at the 78th edition of the International Film Festival, presented by actress Serena Rossi. The film festival ended with the victory of Happening, a French film dedicated to the theme of abortion, directed by Audrey Diwan. As every year, many celebrities from the world of entertainment and social media show up at the weekly appointment of the Venetian festival. Among the guests most awaited by fans, even the "King of Turkish soaps" who, moreover, should be one of the first victims of the new edition of Scherzi a parte.

Can Yaman receives a shower of criticism, in Venice to pick up a Tv award
Can Yaman took part in the prestigious Venice Film Festival 2021. The protagonist of the famous Turkish soaps Bitter Sweet, Daydreamer and Mr. Wrong, has delighted the eyes of those present showing off a total black look jacket, pants and dress shirt on loafers without socks, and thick uncultivated beard. Despite the impeccable outfit and his work commitments, the Turkish actor has received a shower of criticism from the media. The first to lash out against the future Sandokan was the Corriere della Sera, which in an article gave him a dry 4. What are the real reasons for this vote?

Browsing through the report cards of the protagonists of Venice published by the newspaper, we read that we could do without the presence of Can Yaman at the 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival, since he was there not to collect a Golden Lion, but to receive an award in the Filming Italy Best Movie Award.

This is an award that is given annually to television titles and series, both Italian and international, and also to the best talent of the last film season. The same newspaper went on to poke and prod at the King Midas of Mediaset TV ratings: 'He's been giggling at photo shoots and on the red carpet, where anything and everything has happened this year.

The Turkish star of Daydreamer defined as Robinson Crusoe
Another reporter from Corriere della Sera wanted to have his say on Can Yaman's presence at the prestigious Venetian event. He expressed doubts about the choice of look for the Sunday red carpet: 'Maybe the Turkish star chose this look to make it clear that the relationship with Diletta Leotta is really shipwrecked and that he feels like Robinson Crusoe'.

He went on to say that when the 31-year-old Turk appeared on the Lido with such a thick and seemingly unkempt beard and hair, he gave the image of a castaway.

Can Yaman likely victim of Scherzi a parte
Waiting to find out if the Turkish star will respond to these heavy criticisms regarding his presence at the international film festival in Venice, it seems that Can Yaman will be one of the victims of Enrico Papi for the new edition of Scherzi a parte. To confirm this news has been Diego Spiego on his official Instagram profile. Going into great detail, the influencer published in his stories a post where he blurted out that Enrico Papi would be staging a prank for the Turkish actor.

'We're going to see some good ones,' exclaimed the actor of monologues and poems. To know which prank Enrico Papi has organized for the Turkish star, we will have to wait for the airing of the new edition of Scherzi a parte.

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