Can Yaman unwell and asks fans for help fixing gifts: 'I'm tired'

Can Yaman unwell and asks fans for help fixing gifts: 'I'm tired'

Can Yaman has been at the center of Gossip since the beginning of 2021 since he moved to Rome. After a short vacation in Serbia, in Belgrade, the protagonist of DayDreamer - The Wings of Dream returned to his home in the capital were, waiting for him, there were many gifts that have left him his fans. On the day of Tuesday, August 31, the actor from Istanbul posted a story on his Instagram profile in which he showed some medications because he probably does not feel fit. Also, seeing the number of gifts he received in his absence, he ironically asked for support from his followers to help him put in order the gifts.

Can Yaman is not in shape: the actor shows the medicines

After the nights of fun spent in Serbia and documented on his social profile, Can Yaman has returned from vacation, but with some health problems. Indeed, the Turkish actor has included a snapshot in his Instagram stories in which there were several medicines, usually used to treat fever, cold, and flu symptoms. Can added a caption under the photograph, in which he wrote a typical Roman expression, used to make himself strong: ''Daje''. Apart from hinting that he is not in good condition, Yaman also shared other shots, in which he captured the gifts he received from his fans.

Can Yaman receives gifts from his fans at his home in Rome

Can Yaman is very loved by the public that follows him passionately and, as often documented on social, the actor receives many gifts. Returning from vacation, in fact, Can found the items that the girls had left him while he was away on vacation and wanted to thank them with two Instagram stories: ''So much stuff, thank you for the gifts, you can tell you missed me''.

Can Yaman asks fans for help because he is not feeling well

The Istanbul actor is always grateful to the audience that follows him and gives him gifts and it is not the first time that Can thanks his fans. Even on August 31, in fact, the future Sandokan wanted to write words of appreciation towards those who love him, stating: ''You girls are wonderful, but you should also give me a hand to fix them, I'm a little tired''.

Thanks to the Instagram stories of Yaman where he published the photos, it would seem that the Turkish actor is not well. We just have to wait a few days to find out if Can Yaman will be back in perfect condition to go to Venice, where he will be awarded on the 5th of September at the Filming Italy Best Movie award.

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