Demet Ozdemir and Oguzhan, Rosica: 'Story created by managers just for visibility like Can Yaman'

Demet Ozdemir and Oguzhan, Rosica: 'Story created by managers just for visibility like Can Yaman'

Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica is back on the Demet Ozdemir case providing a new spoiler. The blogger had already claimed that the love story of the interpreter of Sanem was false, but on September 9 he provided one more detail, deriving, according to what he reported, from an official and reliable source: Demet and Oguzhan Koc would not have any kind of real relationship, but their relationship would have been created at the table by managers for visibility.

Rosica's spoiler: 'No intimate relationship'
According to Alessandro Rosica, Demet Ozdemir, and Oguzhan Koc, like Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, would also have a "fake story created by managers for agreements, projects and greater visibility."

In addition, according to Rosica, who, according to him, would refer to an official and reliable source, the Turkish actress and the singer would never have had any intimate relationship, unlike Yaman and Leotta. In the meantime, Demet and Oguzhan continue to follow each other on social networks and exchange likes, without having declared anything about it.

Oghuzan blocks Rosica and posts a photo with Demet with the symbol of friendship
A few days ago, Oguzhan Koc posted a story on Instagram: it is a black and white photo with Demet, under which he inserted a heart in half, a symbol of friendship and not of a love story. According to Rosica, who reported the incident, this photo would not be current but would date back a long time ago.

Alessandro Rosica, through his Instagram stories, has also communicated that he has been blocked by Demet's presumed boyfriend, to whom he has then addressed some sentences in English, hoping that someone could report them to him: the gossip expert believes that the singer has blocked him because he is starting to worry that the truth could come out.

Demet and Can Yaman's relationship started at the same time
Alessandro Rosica claims that the DayDreamer star's relationship with Turkish singer Oguzhan Koc is a sham. The actress made her romance official at the same time that Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta's relationship began.

Also in that case, Rosica claimed, months before the breakup, that between the Turkish actor and the Italian sports journalist there was not actually love, but it was an exclusively media move. In fact, Yaman and Leotta have not made the breakup official, but they no longer appear together publicly, not even on their respective social networks. We are waiting for official news from the parties involved, both regarding the Yaman-Leotta and Ozdemir-Koc story.

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