Demet Ozdemir, her boyfriend blocks Rosica: He's starting to worry, is he afraid?

Demet Ozdemir, her boyfriend blocks Rosica: He's starting to worry, is he afraid?

Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica revealed a few days ago that the love story between actress Demet Ozdemir and Turkish singer Oguzhan Koc would be fake: he promised to reveal in a few days some more details based on a source close to the DayDreamer star. In the meantime, he claimed to have been blocked by the singer, to whom he addressed a few Instagram stories in both English and Italian: 'Why, if the story is true and he loves her, did he block me? Is he starting to worry?'

Ozdemir's supposed boyfriend reportedly blocked Rosica
In his Instagram stories, Alessandro Rosica addressed Oghuzan Koc in English and then translated it into Italian as well. These are the words of the gossip expert: "I hope this in English they send him, I hope he knows at least English. I told Mr. Oguzhan how come he blocked me? I never spoke badly of him, I never offended him. What's going on? Is he starting to worry? Why is he afraid?" He then continued: "Oguzhan, if you really love Demet, if your story with Demet is true, what brings you from Turkey to block an Italian page like Alessandro Rosica. Obviously, you know who I am, the one who dismantled the alternative circus I dubbed 'YamanGate', You know what I can achieve.

Good luck." Rosica ended his Instagram stories, announcing, "Obviously, now expect some moves that will displace everyone a little bit. Because they're not going to be silent, especially now that I've really started to take down the circus, let's have some fun."

'Oguzhangate': Demet's romance would be fake
Rosica announced a few days ago that the story between the actress starring in Day Dreamer and the Turkish singer would be fake. He promised to provide a second part of the story next week: there would be "a key point, a very heavy detail that Demet would have confessed to a person close to her".

Moreover, the singer would have posted a story with a white heart in the middle which is a symbol of friendship: therefore, for Rosica, it would be another clear sign that the two are just friends and not really together.

'YamanGate': the story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta
According to Rosica himself, even the story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta would have been planned for some reason. He would have revealed it already a few months before the breakup between the Turkish actor and the Italian sports journalist. Although there has been no official confirmation from either of the two, Yaman and Leotta do not appear together anymore, so the story seems to be closed. Doubts remain from some paparazzi as to whether it ever really began.

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