Demet Özdemir talks about her relationship with Oğuzhan Koç: "We can overcome difficulties, he is very valuable to me."

Demet Özdemir talks about her relationship with Oğuzhan Koç: "We can overcome difficulties, he is very valuable to me."

With a more than established artistic career, Demet Özdemir is one of the leading actresses in her country and with more international influence. Her social networks confirm it, with 14 million followers on Instagram, she is the second actress with more repercussion, only behind Hande Erçel, who takes off with more than 23 million followers.

The star of 'My Home, My Destiny' is still enjoying her vacation in Çeşme, the southern coast of Turkey, where she wanted to give an interview to 'HELLO! Türkiye' in which she talked at length about her tastes, her experience in the profession, and her personal life.

Her perception of love

Since the beginning of her story with Oğuzhan Koç, they have been very discreet when it comes to giving details about their relationship. Although it is very common to see them together on vacation, shopping or at some event, they still find it hard to open up with the press on this topic. However, Demet has opened up about her concept of love and her relationship with the famous artist: "I don't think love can be easily defined. I call everything good that happens in my life 'journey' with all that it has taught me, the good and the bad. I have a relationship that can overcome difficulties and is very valuable to me".

Moreover, one of her maxims in life is that one should not take refuge in the feeling of nostalgia. "There is no moment I would like to go back to. I've always taught myself to look ahead or to think about the future," says the actress.  

Being honest, extroverted, and elegant: the keys to Demet's success.

The actress has it clear. If there is one thing she values in a person, it is their honesty: "Someone who is real, for better or worse, wins my heart immediately. If it's not real I notice it right away and it makes me sad". Moreover, she claims that she is incapable of hiding anything from her own. "Being an introvert is not very good, I think problems become too big if you don't share them," she says

When it comes to fashion, her fans already know that the singer loves to show off her outfits on her networks, but when it comes to her personal style, she is not so clear about the answer: "My tastes are changing. I love the comfort of jeans and a T-shirt or sweatpants, but I don't give up high heels either. Ultimately, my preference is always elegance".

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