Demet Ozdemir would be engaged for fake, the hypothesis of Alessandro Rosica: 'Fake love'

Demet Ozdemir would be engaged for fake, the hypothesis of Alessandro Rosica: 'Fake love'

Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica announced a few days ago a post for September 2 with which he should give a scoop on Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir. Various were the hypothesis of his followers, but a day later, Rosica published a post talking about "Fake love" between her and her alleged boyfriend, the Turkish singer Oguzhan Koc.

Rosica's hypothesis on Demet's fake engagement
Alessandro Rosica published a photo of Demet Ozdemir with her boyfriend Oguzhan, heralding a post containing a scoop on the Turkish actress starring in DayDreamer.

Various were the hypotheses of her followers, among which a pregnancy of the interpreter of Sanem. There were even those who hypothesized an award ceremony for Demet at the Venice Film Festival in the presence of her former colleague Can Yaman or a relationship with the latter. On September 1, Rosica announced what the next day's post would be about: "Oguzhan Gate, Fake love". So, according to the social gossip expert, the love story between Demet and the alleged boyfriend would be fake. 

Similarities with Can and Diletta
The respective relationships of Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir started a few days apart from each other. The story between Can and Diletta Leotta would have ended some, time ago.

Even that relationship has aroused various controversies, even from the same Rosica who, even in that case had announced the end of the relationship claiming that there had never been any love. A confirmation of the end of the story between the Turkish actor and the Italian journalist has never arrived, but it appears obvious: the two have spent their vacations apart and would not have shown signs of rapprochement on their return.

Demet and Can's work news
Leaving aside their personal lives, Ozdemir and Yaman's careers would seem to be going strong and could cross paths again.

Currently, Demet is busy filming the Netflix TV series "Love Tactics," while Yaman is expected to start shooting " Viola come il mare" soon, alongside Francesca Chillemi.

In 2022, moreover, he should begin recording the remake of Sandokan, whose co-star would still be unknown, despite rumors of a few months ago that would have referred to Alessandra Mastronardi.

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