Diletta Leotta: 'I feel safe only if I have everything under control'

Diletta Leotta: 'I feel safe only if I have everything under control'

Diletta Leotta was a guest at the Festival Il tempo delle donne (The time of women). The Dazn presenter talked about the delicate topic of women's strength and, in particular, the beautiful woman from Catania tried to answer the accusation that women are not able to form a group. According to the presenter, women have always been accustomed to having to prove their worth and to defend their ego. The consequence of this attitude leads to be less relaxed and more competitive when interacting with each other.

The words of Diletta Leotta

Diletta Leotta spoke at the Festival organized by "Corriere della Sera" entitled "Il tempo delle donne" . The kermesse is now in its eighth edition. The journalist wanted to tell her experience with reference to the ability of women to be able to form a group and the opinion of the presenter is that it is possible to succeed in this intent. It happened to Leotta in particular when she started to work in a team and this led her to confront herself with people. The Catanese understood that a balance between different skills can lead to a better result. "I feel safe only if I have everything under control," said the presenter, adding that in a group she focuses on preparation.

A type of path that began in her university days, the Dazn host pointed out. Continuing with her story, Diletta pointed out that every exam she faced at university represented a challenge to overcome. Attitudes and ways of doing things that Leotta has kept and brings with her to the professional field.

Diletta: 'I have never taken particular models as an example

Commitment with sacrifices is an aspect that Diletta Leotta has stressed that she admires in reference to the great women she follows. Nonetheless, the Sicilian declared to Il tempo delle donne: "I have never taken particular models as an example" and preferred to follow her own individual path.

Leotta, however, wanted to add that it is necessary to possess other qualities at work, especially if it happens to have to do group work. The desire to compare oneself with others must not be missing, but also the ability to laugh, as well as empathy.

Diletta Leotta 'fragile

There is then a Diletta a little more fragile that is comes in the moment when she closes the door of the house, as Leotta herself pointed out. The armor worn is left out with the desire to eat the world. It's no use, according to her, to hide one's vulnerabilities because in order to overcome them, one must have the ability to face them and this makes people more mature.

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