Diletta Leotta: 'Love is a foolish thing to do? I've done a lot of them'

Diletta Leotta: 'Love is a foolish thing to do? I've done a lot of them'

Diletta Leotta has been confirmed as one of the main faces of Dazn that has exclusive rights for the live broadcasting of all Serie A matches. Diletta Leotta has therefore returned to cover the matches of the highest Italian Championship with her presence on the sidelines. In this beginning of September 2021, moreover, the presenter was the guest of Guess my age and Venus Club, programs in which she answered some questions about her private life.

Diletta Leotta and Can: apparently they broke up

Diletta Leotta seems to have definitively closed her love relationship with Can Yaman. There is no lack of indiscretions and hypotheses of those who argue that it was a frame-up with the sole purpose of increasing the media attention on the presenter and the Turkish actor. For her part, the Catanese, who has just turned 30, has made some statements that would go to puncture Yaman.

Diletta's declarations

Diletta Leotta, guest of some programs in this beginning of September, declared: " Crazy love stories? I have done many of them". She also pointed out that, when it comes to love, even being able to have some time to be together is a folly. Every day, today, instead, represents madness for the Dazn presenter. The Catanese woman has returned to throw herself headlong into her work and has also been on the playing fields of Serie A and on the radio.

The Turkish actor, instead, is planning his future for the medium-long term. Can Yaman has also been in Serbia, in the capital Belgrade, to sponsor the store of a friend of his and he would have been easy-going as well as available with some girls. Now he has returned to Rome and is preparing for the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, where he will be awarded.

There could be, in the Venetian city, a meeting between those who today seem to be two lovers who are no longer together.

Can and Diletta, from the possible big step to the end

It seemed to be a summer in which Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta were consolidating their love relationship even more. The two lovers had decided, among other things, to take a vacation in Turkey, in the home country of the actor protagonist of 'Mr. Wrong'.

It was the occasion to introduce the girl to Can Yaman's family and rumors arose about a possible wedding. Since then, the 31-year-old and the Catanese woman are spending time apart and their love story seems to have come to an end. The presenter of Dazn has also celebrated her birthday without the presence of the actor.

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