Diletta Leotta on the breakup with Yaman: 'Love, like life, is unpredictable'.

Diletta Leotta on the breakup with Yaman: 'Love, like life, is unpredictable'.

After many rumors, the confirmation has arrived: the love story between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman has come to an end. The journalist of Dazn confessed it and was a guest at Verissimo, on Canale 5, during the episode of Saturday, September 25. Saying that it was a "fairy tale" lived in an intense and passionate way by both of them, Diletta added that she does not know what the future might hold.

Leotta without filters: 'It's not an easy moment'

The tears of him shown by the magazine Diva e Donna, the distance and the absence at the thirtieth birthday of her: everything made us think that the great passion experienced by the two beauties of showbiz was off.

And after so many chatters, the doubts have become certainties: Diletta Leotta, interviewed by Silvia Toffanin, with a voice full of emotion, has spoken in the past tense about her relationship with the Turkish actor but using very beautiful words.

'It is not an easy moment, I do not know what will happen in the future. Love like life is unpredictable', Diletta told Verissimo, clarifying that she and Can have lived this passion in a strong way, but everything was too fast. In addition, the cumbersome presence of newspapers, according to the journalist would have influenced, but in this regard, she wanted to clarify something very important.

Whoever thinks that love can be programmed, planned, doesn't know what love is", said Diletta, clarifying that her love was not decided at the table as many have suggested.

Diletta: 'Things went too fast'

Now Diletta and Can are far apart, but it is not said that in the future something could change for the better. 'Love like life is unpredictable', confessed Diletta, who hopes for her life to be able to find a balance also to be able to give to those she will have at her side. Certainly, the speed with which love with Yaman was experienced could have been an obstacle in some ways.

Diletta told Silvia Toffanin that the marriage proposal came only a month after their dating.'Maybe things went too fast,' said Diletta. Will there be a future together for the two young people? It is still too early to say, the fact is that at the moment Diletta and Can's roads are separated, so they will both have to clarify if the feeling is so strong to try again or if it is the case to undertake a totally new paths. In the meantime, work commitments continue for both of them: Diletta is busy with the first championship matches, while Can has started filming 'Viola come il mare'.

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