Diletta Leotta talks about her relationship with Can Yaman: 'Time will tell'

Diletta Leotta talks about her relationship with Can Yaman: 'Time will tell'

Diletta Leotta was the guest of Verissimo in the episode broadcasted on Saturday, September 25 on Canale 5. The well-known face of Dazn told host Silvia Toffanin about her love adventure with Can Yaman, an actor well-known thanks to the Turkish soaps Bitter Sweet - Ingredients of Love, Daydreamer - The Wings of Dreams, Mr. Wrong - Lessons in Love. The sports anchorwoman and the Turkish actor have been the most talked-about couple in recent months, but after the marriage proposal, something broke between them. And, taking advantage of her Verissimo guest appearance, the Celebrity Hunted contestant revealed a little more about their relationship, "We didn't plan it."

Diletta Leotta says about Can Yaman: 'More passionate than me'.

Going into great detail, Diletta Leotta told that her love story with Can Yaman was really beautiful, a dream, a fairy tale that was born thanks to a stroke of lightning. Basically, it's the story of two 30-year-olds who met, got to know each other better, and let themselves be overwhelmed by this very big, gigantic passion. Continuing to describe her sporty love affair, the Dazn anchorwoman stressed that when a Turk and a Sicilian come together, they don't think twice about this passion, "Maybe he was more passionate than me - Diletta pointed out - it was also fast".

Verissimo, the presenter Leotta blurts out: 'Love is not studied at a table'.

Recalling with a veil of melancholy her story with Can Yaman, Diletta Leotta revealed to the presenter of Verissimo that it wasn't very easy to live next to such a famous man, coveted by so many women: "You have to deal with a certain type of people, with the press," the sports presenter underlined.

And here she started in fourth, saying that she was hurt when someone insinuated that her story with the Turkish actor was studied at the table. Continuing her outburst, Diletta threw a dig at those who supported this theory: "Those who think that love can be programmed, planned, obviously do not know what love is". According to the sportswoman, love comes suddenly, it is not something that can be planned.

Diletta and actor Yaman pause for reflection: 'Time will tell'

Speaking of love, Silvia Toffanin asked her guest if she was or is still in love. Diletta Leotta answered that she thinks she is still in love and that when you are in love you lose your lucidity, your head, your control: "This has never happened to me until now". With a tone a bit 'sorry, the young Leotta said that it can also happen to lose love and here the host of Verissimo asked if her story with Can Yaman is at the end: the guest replied that now they are living a difficult moment as it happens to all couples and that she does not exclude a reconciliation in the future.

Moreover, the young Leotta highlighted that love is as unpredictable as life, so it is not something you can get. When Silvia asked her if she hopes for a comeback, if she still feels the Turkish actor, the sports anchorwoman replied that a period of reflection can be good for both of them, to understand the authenticity of the feelings: "In the end, time will tell", Diletta Leotta concluded.

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