In the cast of Sandokan, also Raoul Bova with Can Yaman and Luca Argentero: he will replace Preziosi

In the cast of Sandokan, also Raoul Bova with Can Yaman and Luca Argentero: he will replace Preziosi

The shooting of the modern remake of Sandokan has been postponed by a few months: it will officially begin in February 2022. The TV series produced by Lux Vide is inspired by the famous novel by Emilio Salgari. It has been known for months that the Tiger of Malaysia will be played by Can Yaman and his best friend, Yanez de Gomera, by Luca Argentero. But there is a further novelty: the entry in the cast of Raoul Bova. It is not yet clear who, instead, will play Lady Marianne, but there are some hypotheses.

Raoul Bova in the cast of Sandokan
According to the latest rumors, it will not be Alessandro Preziosi, as initially planned, to play the commander William Fitzgerald: to replace him there will be Raoul Bova. This explains the reason for the photo posted on Instagram by Can Yaman and immediately went viral on social networks, in which the Turkish actor affectionately embraces Argentero and Bova after a dinner together. The photo had already disproved the hypothesized conflicts between Argentero and Yaman.

The role of Lady Marianne
Regarding the role of Lady Marianne, everything is silent. Several names are circulating: at the beginning, it was thought that Alessandro Mastronardi could play the Pearl of Labuan. Another name could be, according to rumors, the Spanish actress Blanca Suarez. From Lux Vide, there are no confirmations or denials, so it can be assumed that the female protagonist has not yet been identified.

According to Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, Demet Ozdemir has been proposed for the role by her managers. The Turkish actress, however, according to him, would not have been chosen because she does not know Italian or English and, moreover, would have other work commitments.

Fans of the Can Divit-Sanem couple in Day Dreamer are hoping for reconciliation on the set between the two actors Yaman and Ozdemir, but that probably won't happen, at least in the Sandokan TV series. We await further news from Lux Vide.

The other commitments of the three actors with Lux Vide
The three actors involved in the cast of Sandokan, are part of other projects signed by Lux Vide. Luca Argentero is working on the second season of Doc-Nelle tue mani: the first season of the TV series was a huge success, so much so that it has landed in various countries around the world, such as Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and Portugal and soon in England.

Can Yaman is busy filming Viola come il mare, alongside Francesca Chillemi: the two often share shots on set, in their roles as Francesco Demir and Viola. Raoul Bova, on the other hand, should replace Terrence Hill in the famous role of Don Matteo, probably aboard a motorcycle instead of the emblematic bicycle.

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