Kerem Bürsin and his bouquet of flowers for Hande Erçel: We don't do things to show it, that's why we are so happy.

Kerem Bürsin and his bouquet of flowers for Hande Erçel: We don't do things to show it, that's why we are so happy.

A few days ago Hande Erçel showed the magnificent bouquet of flowers that Kerem Bürsin had given her. "You are something else," wrote the actress in the 'stories' she shared with her followers. The couple starring in Love is in the air does not hide that they are in their particular cloud of love, although the actor has stated in an interview that most details of their relationship remain private.

Is Bürsin a romantic person? Although he doesn't think he should answer that question himself, he does like to have small gestures with Erçel. Some appear on social networks - a picture together, a sentence in a post, an accomplice comment... - but most of them stay in the private sphere.

We don't do things to show it. We do a lot of things in private, we like it that way. We live a special and wonderful relationship. That's why we are so happy. The actors have long claimed to be very comfortable in their relationship and the Turkish media cannot think of anything other than a future wedding. The reporter has tried to ask him about that, but Bürsin has avoided the topic with a smile: "Let's better not talk about it".

Although they both try to show just enough, the actor has spoken on multiple occasions about what he likes about his relationship with Hande Erçel. In a recent interview with Hurriyet, he revealed that everything was going well between them. He defined her as an amazing person, very kind-hearted, and whom he loves very much. They are very good friends and that is the most important aspect of their relationship.

Now that they don't have a busy recording schedule -Love is in the air has come to an end a very sweet stage is beginning for both of them. They have enjoyed several getaways and, above all, a lot of free time to do activities together. At the moment they have not started working on new projects as performers and, according to Bürsin's last words, it will be like this for a while in order to fix their ideas.

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