Kerem Bürsin: Love can save us from problems and so we can change things.

Kerem Bürsin: Love can save us from problems and so we can change things.

"I believe that to love is to accept. Actually, it's very simple. There is no ego." This is how Kerem Bürsin, the protagonist of 'Love is in the air', understands love, as he revealed in an interview granted a few weeks ago to the Turkish edition of 'Vogue' magazine. More sincere than ever, the actor explains that love is all about being generous with the other. 

For him, that is the principle to change everything. "Love is about accepting the other as he or she is. If we think this way, love can also save us from problems. And so we can change things. As long as you love, you start to be constructive. You care. Don't harm the other person for your own benefit."

However, to accept the other person as he/she is, the first thing is to know yourself. Just as important as being connected to a place is being connected to yourself. "We know very little about our brains and our bodies. Do you know what's good for you? 'I have to do it because of what they say.' But what are you saying? When you lose yourself, other things get lost. Even the most important things in life" says the actor, who does not believe that thinking about yourself can be understood as an act of selfishness but that it is something vital to be able to understand others and the world around us. "It's not selfish. Know and understand yourself so that you can understand and value others as well." 

The importance of memories

And of those people with whom he shares his life, the actor keeps unforgettable moments. And he does so for a very special reason. "Books and movies say that life flashes before your eyes like a film strip before you die. If this is true, there is something I do. I close my eyes and say to myself, 'this is the moment, record it and watch it in the last moments.' I take these kinds of pictures with my brain," the actor said. "When you go out to take pictures, you see things you don't normally see. I get out of myself, I go to what I'm interested in. I see the beauty and the value of this other thing."

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