Kerem Bürsin, talking about Hande Erçel:At some point it became difficult to see her as a friend.

Kerem Bürsin, talking about Hande Erçel:At some point it became difficult to see her as a friend.

Kerem Bürsin is following in Can Yaman's footsteps. Like the 'Erkenci kus' star, Bürsin is taking full advantage of the international success of 'Love is in the air' to launch his career outside Turkey and make himself known beyond its borders. And he is following the same strategy as his partner! After the end of the series in the Ottoman country and after a few weeks of rest, the actor has started an international tour. The first stop has been Italy, where as already happened with Yaman has unleashed the madness among his fans, who gave him a warm welcome.

Interest in the star of 'Love is in the air' has skyrocketed in the last year. The series has become a phenomenon and he has become an idol in the Andean country where, after receiving the affection of the public on the street, has visited one of the most popular Italian programs and that once visited his partner. The actor's Italian fans have been able to get to know him a little more thanks to an extensive interview he gave to 'Verissimo', where he coincided with Can Yaman's ex, Diletta Leotta. 

His relationship with Hande Erçel
Of course, one of the topics the actor was asked about was his partner. "When did the spark with Hande Erçel start?" asked presenter Silvia Toffanin, to which the actor confessed how their relationship changed as the months went by. "Both Hande and I had a great professional respect for our work. She is a beautiful person in every way. We first became very good friends and respected each other's work. I think this is the most important thing. But we were together every day, for many hours at a time and at some point it became difficult to see her simply as a friend. She is beautiful and she is an exceptional person. Then that spark between us went out. It ignited after a while," the actor revealed. 

Their romance thrilled the fans of the series, who from the very first moment bet on them as a couple and dreamed that Eda and Serkan's love would go beyond the screen. And if the success of the series had already placed them as one of the favorite targets of the press, when the romance was confirmed the media pressure on them increased exponentially. However, that hasn't stopped the couple from enjoying their relationship and sharing their happiness. Neither Kerem nor Hande wants to live running from the press or hiding because they both believe that's no life. "If you hide something, you are not fully living. Instead, I want to be able to live my life freely with the person I have chosen and Hande Hercel is the person I have chosen," he told 'Verissimo'.

His return to Turkey after traveling the world
But his relationship with Hande Erçel was not the only thing he talked about with Silvia Toffanin, who felt some intrigue about the actor's return to Turkey after traveling halfway around the world and living in several countries. "As a child with my family, we traveled to many countries for my father's work. I never lived in Turkey except for summer vacations and coming back made me understand my roots better and now that I am coming back to America I am a Turkish actor coming to America. It's a very important thing for me."

Although he now enjoys great popularity and will return to the country where he took his first steps as an actor as a highly recognized performer, the actor's beginnings were not easy and he had to combine his passion with other jobs that he fondly remembers today. "I went to high school in Texas where I started studying to become an actor. There I did several things, including being a driver for famous actors. I would drive them to castings and it was a lot of fun. Before that, I even worked as a personal trainer and cleaned toilets at the gym. These experiences stick with you and when success comes you are reminded of the sacrifices that were made to get there."

His feminist message
Finally, the Turkish actor, who on numerous occasions has shown his social commitment, has launched an important message about gender equality. "Women should not worry about going out at night, taking public transport and how they are dressed. We all live in the same world but men don't have these concerns. As an actor and as a person who can influence public opinion, it is important that I explain these things, not to women, who obviously live these situations directly, but to other men," said the actor.

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