Kerem Bürsin's childhood, summed up in three images

Kerem Bürsin's childhood, summed up in three images

In 2021, millions of people around the world know who Kerem Bürsin is thanks to his roles in Turkish hit series such as Love is in the air. But 34 years ago, when he was born in Istanbul, Kerem's circle was reduced to his parents and relatives. No one knew that a few decades later he would sign autographs in Italy and have dozens of people thronging the doors of his hotel waiting to see him pass by. What was the actor like in that anonymous, carefree era?

The media has published several images of Kerem Bürsin's childhood. In them, we see him as a happy child surrounded by his family. They also summarize very well who his supporters were: his grandfather, his mother, and his sister. 

Let's go with the first one, where Bürsin appears next to his grandfather. It is a photograph that the actor himself shared on his Instagram account along with the text "The best grandfather in the world". It may possibly be Ali Günay Birced, whom he had to say goodbye on 2015 at the age of 83. At the funeral, Kerem bid him farewell together with his grandmother, parents, and sister and helped carry the coffin at Teşvikiye Mosque.

It must have been difficult for everyone for the Bürsin family to live outside Turkey. As the actor has told on several occasions, due to his father's work they have been traveling all their lives. Every 2 or 3 years they had to change places, which has led them to live in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Indonesia, and various parts of the United States. An interesting childhood for the little boy, but also very hard as he was unable to make lasting friends and had to grow up away from his grandparents.

During these frequent moves, his great ally has always been Melis Bursin, his sister. The interpreter has also stated on occasion that the two developed a close friendship, as for a long time they only had each other. Now they live apart, as she has started a family in Canada and Kerem is tied to Turkey due to his professional projects. However, he goes to visit them whenever he can.

The third image is another of his great pillars: his mother Cigdem Bürsin. She was by his side while they met the world and he had to put his professional career aside to be with her family. Even so, she has dedicated her life to relief work. "I am proud of her. Being able to help others and make their lives easier is one of the most important values. She also instilled it in us," Kerem said during an interview in 2015. 

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