Kerem Bürsin's most personal interview: when he fell in love with Hande Erçel, why they went public and other confessions.

Kerem Bürsin's most personal interview: when he fell in love with Hande Erçel, why they went public and other confessions.

Kerem Bürsin visited Italy on September 15 and his trip through the European country has been a real hurricane. The actor was greeted at the airport by dozens of female fans, who were also waiting for him at the doors of his hotel to take a picture with him and take a selfie. The real reason for his visit was Silvia Toffanin's Verissimo program, where he had a long conversation.

The interview was broadcast on Saturday the 25th and here we have collected the most important key points, from the influence of his family on the man he is today to his relationship with Hande Erçel. In case you were wondering, the Love is in the air actor talked about how his love for his partner began and showed that he is deeply in love.


The interview gave Kerem Bürsin the opportunity to review some of the most important moments in his life, starting with his childhood. Because his father is in the oil business, his family has had to move all the time. The four of them have always been together in strange and new environments for them, so their relationship is very close. The star of Love is in the air has revealed what is the most important lesson he has received from his parents.

Accept and respect people, instead of criticizing, you have to understand people for who they are, their customs, traditions... That is the greatest life lesson that my parents have left me.

The interpreter has grown up in a family full of values. While his father developed his career, his mother, who could rarely get work permits in the places they traveled to, devoted her free time to charitable causes and helping the less fortunate. Bürsin says he has also inherited this trait from his mother and strives to be supportive.

The conversation has focused a lot on his family, as they are an important pillar in the actor's life. In addition to his parents and sister, his grandfather was a good influence on him. Bürsin told how until the last days of his life, he was eager to learn new things. It was a great lesson that he continues to apply in his everyday life: "What is life if you stop learning new things?


Before achieving fame as an actor in Turkey, Kerem Bürsin went through many different jobs. At one point in the United States, he held three different and very different jobs. He was, for example, the chauffeur for future Hollywood stars. When these actors arrived in the United States with a full schedule of auditions with which they hoped to make the big break, he was the one who accompanied them for several weeks, taking them from one place to another.

To the list of jobs, he worked as a cleaner in a gym, as he was in charge of keeping the bathrooms and facilities clean. Sometime later, he became a trainer, which is not surprising given his passion for sports. And he has even worked as a security guard in nightclubs and bars, as well as bartending on occasion. Bürsin remembers it as a fun time where he learned a lot.

That aside, Bürsin's real career was in advertising. He graduated from college and got a very interesting offer from an agency, but he knew it wasn't what he liked. He only graduated to make his father, who was not entirely supportive of his acting career, happy.


Spending so much time away from Turkey took its toll on him and, over the years, he forgot his place of origin. Kerem grew up as an American, accustomed to Anglo-Saxon traditions and with English as his first language. But he could not hide the fact that he came from another country. Many people would ask him where his first or last name came from and he would say he was Turkish, but he didn't really feel that way, since he didn't know the culture well.

Kerem had only been to Turkey on vacation, visiting his family, but he had not delved into the true identity of the country. Only when he moved, as an adult, was he able to get closer to his roots. It worked out well for him, as he became a TV star.


Unsurprisingly, his relationship with Hande Erçel has come up in the conversation. The couple was surrounded by rumors about a possible romance since the beginning of the Love is in the air broadcast, but this was not confirmed until April 2021. The actor has confessed that they decided to go public because he wanted to live his life to the fullest, without hiding anything that really makes him happy. 

Bürsin has revealed when the love between the two came about. It wasn't love at first sight, but it came little by little. They made very good friends as partners in fiction and became friends. As he admits, it was something very important. The shooting days of a Turkish soap opera last about 16 hours, so it is important to get along well with the people around them.

In that situation, love between the two inevitably arose. After a few months, the actor found it difficult to see Hande as just a friend. He accepted that there was something more between them and, although they decided to wait a bit, they ended up as a loving couple. "She's amazing, she's fantastic," he has confessed with shining eyes.

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