Love is in the air, Serkan's actor to Verissimo: 'I want to live freely with Hande'

Love is in the air, Serkan's actor to Verissimo: 'I want to live freely with Hande'

Kerem Bursin, alias Serkan from the soap opera Love is in the air, talks exclusively to Verissimo, the talk show hosted by Silvia Toffanin that will be back on air this Saturday afternoon at about 4:30 pm on Canale 5. An interview definitely very much awaited by the television audience, during which he will have the opportunity to talk for the first time in Italy also about his relationship with the actress Hande Ercel, alias the protagonist Eda in the very popular soap opera broadcast on Biscione's national network.

The truth of Serkan's actor from Love is in the air about his love story with Hande
The love between Eda and Serkan, therefore, is not only television since the two represent a real couple in real life as well. Kerem, during the long interview granted to the weekend program hosted by Silvia Toffanin, admitted that their love blossomed after a while and therefore it was not an immediate thing.

"If you hide something you're not living totally," admitted the Serkan actor from the soap Love is in the air, then adding that he wants to live his life freely with the person he chose and with whom he wants to continue his path.

"The spark between us went off after a while," the actor admitted again, recounting the beginnings of their romantic relationship, which began on the set of the successful soap that just in these weeks closed its doors in his homeland with the last episode of the second season.

'An exceptional person', Kerem Bursin reveals about Hande Ercel
Kerem revealed that, initially, they were just friends and respected each other. As time passed, however, complicit in the many hours spent together on the set of the soap, something changed. Serkan's actor admitted that he began to look at Hande Ercel differently, realizing that she was no longer just a friend.

"She's beautiful and she's a great person," said the actor talking about his girlfriend. An interview definitely not to be missed the one featuring the actor Serkan in the transmission Verissimo, aired this Saturday afternoon on Canale 5.

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