Melisa Döngel explodes after being accused of confronting a mother and her children on a flight: It looks like a script.

Melisa Döngel explodes after being accused of confronting a mother and her children on a flight: It looks like a script.

Melisa Döngel, the actress who played Ceren in 'Love is in the air, has exploded. After it has been published in recent days that the popular performer would have starred in a fierce argument with a woman during a flight because of the inconvenience that her two children were causing during the trip, the actress has come out in the face of the accusations and has denied that the incident took place. "I've seen lies and I've seen fake news but this is really a script," said the actress.

Several media reported the alleged incident

Although the actress has strongly denied it, several media had already made echoes of the alleged incident. According to what they have published, everything happened during a flight that the actress took in Istanbul to go to Bodrum, when the actress, annoyed with the noise that two little ones were making, told them off. At that moment the mother intervened and the discussion took place, which was stopped by other passengers who saw how it was going up all over...

Apparently, the mother reproached the actress for her bad manners with the children and told her to "shut up," which caused Döngel to lose her temper and start yelling at the mother. "Take care of your children. We don't have to listen to them. If you're going to travel like that, take a private plane," she shouted at her then. Tension mounted and the flight attendants had to intervene and move the family to avoid further clashes.

Love is in the air', the series that brought Döngel worldwide fame

Love is in the air' was the definitive boost to Melisa Döngel's career. Now one of the most promising actresses in her country, her role as Ceren, Eda's friend, has brought her worldwide fame. She was a key character in the first season of the series of the moment. She was one of Eda's great allies until her character took an unexpected turn and turned against her for a few weeks. Luckily, everything went back to normal and Ceren went back to being Eda's unconditional friend she was at the beginning. 

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