Özge Özpirinçci, six months pregnant, shows her belly for the first time in a spectacular posed picture

Özge Özpirinçci, six months pregnant, shows her belly for the first time in a spectacular posed picture

Özge Özpirinçci has left her followers speechless with the spectacular pose she has shared through her social networks. Six months pregnant, the actress, who will soon be seen on Divinity in the series 'Amor a segunda vista', has published a photo underwater in which for the first time we see her belly. 

Of course, the snapshot has not taken long to be filled with thousands of 'likes' and hundreds of comments, including Hazal Kaya, the actress starring in 'Our Story', who has responded with a heart emoji to her friend.

Accompanying the stunning photograph, the actress has written a terse message. "Eunoia" is the only word accompanying the photograph next to two hearts. With this word, Özpirinçci wanted to convey to her followers the beautiful moment she is living since 'euonia' is a word of Greek origin that means 'beautiful thought' or 'calm state' if it refers to a patient.  

The curious name the actress wants to give her daughter

After seven years of relationship, Özge Özpirinçci and her partner, actor Burak Yamantürk, announced last spring that they were expecting their first child, a girl who will be born next December and who has already become news for the curious name she would like to give her mother.

According to what the actress confessed in a talk with journalist Onur Baştürk for 'Hürryet' magazine, her favorite name for the little one is Üzüm (grape). "Since I got pregnant, I only have that name in mind," revealed the performer, who also confessed that she had not found too many supporters. "Everyone keeps telling me 'don't do this to your daughter, Özge,' but I think it's a good name. Besides, Üzüm Yamantürk sounds good," recounted the actress, who already seems resigned to not being able to get her way. "I definitely got a 'no' vote for this name. I think I will call my daughter Üzum secretly."

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