Sen Çal Kapımı, Hande Erçel removes Sitare Akbaş from her friends: she got engaged to her ex-boyfriend

Sen Çal Kapımı, Hande Erçel removes Sitare Akbaş from her friends: she got engaged to her ex-boyfriend

Hande Erçel and Sitare Akbaş, who played Eda Yıldız and Figen "Fifi" Yıldırım in Sen Çal Kapımı, respectively, have recently been in the crosshairs of Turkish gossip. Apparently, their friendship has come to an end, as Sitare has embarked on a relationship with Hande's former lover, Turkish singer Murat Dalkılıç.

Friendship over between Hande Erçel and Sitare Akbaş
The air is not good between two protagonists of Sen Çal Kapımı. In fact, according to Turkish media, it seems that between Hande Erçel (the interpreter of Eda, ed) and Sitare Akbaş (Fifi, ed) the friendship is really over, to the point that the protagonist of the series would have decided to remove her from the circle of her social friends.

Apparently, everything happened because the interpreter of Fifi would have undertaken a love affair with the singer Murat Dalkılıç, ex-boyfriend of Hande, with whom the story ended just before the meeting with Kerem Bürsin.

A relationship that has been very important, since the two were about to get married, but the whole thing would be skipped because Murat would have wanted to become a father in the immediate future, something that Hande did not want yet.

The two no longer follow each other on social media
It seems that now in Murat Dalkılıç's heart there is only room for Sitare Akbaş. Two weeks ago, the couple was spotted together in Istanbul, but their story has been going on for months. Obviously, after this union, Turkish gossip has set its sights on Hande Erçel.

According to some indiscretions, Erçel did not like the fact that a friend of hers got engaged to her ex-boyfriend, so she decided to remove her from her life. She also stopped following her on social networks. Of course, Sitare didn't miss the countermove, in fact, she also stopped following Hande on Instagram.

Akbaş was also asked by journalists about the end of this friendship. When asked "is it true that with Hande Erçel you are no longer friends?", Sitare reportedly replied with a simple smile.

Sitare reportedly left Sen Çal Kapımı precisely because of her romance with Murat

Sitare Akbaş's path within Sen Çal Kapımı was shorter than the other co-stars.
In fact she left the scene at the 28th episode. At the time it was said that she had left the scene to pursue new career paths, but according to the latest rumors, it seems that the actress has asked the director for permission to leave the series, so as not to create unrest on the set with Hande Erçel.

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