Viola come il mare, Can Yaman gives a perfume to Chillemi: 'To make it up to me' (Video)

Viola come il mare, Can Yaman gives a perfume to Chillemi: 'To make it up to me' (Video)

Between Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi there seems to be more and more harmony on the set of Viola come il mare: the Turkish actor, after having good-naturedly reprimanded his colleague for her lack of punctuality on the set, decided to give her his Mania perfume to make up for it. The whole gag was shared by the two actors on Instagram, in a playful repartee.

The feeling on the set: jokes and gifts between Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi
Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi have shown, since reading the scripts of Viola come il mare, a certain feeling. On their Instagram stories, the two share moments together on the set and Chillemi is the victim of Yaman's joking reproaches: the Turkish actor good-naturedly accuses his colleague of not being punctual on the set and recommends greater precision in schedules. Yaman often shares his colleague's expectations with his fans.To make it up to him, however, the actor decided to give Chillemi his Mania perfume. 

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi on the set of Viola come il mare
The new Lux Vide TV Series stars Turkish actor Can Yaman and former Miss Italy Francesca Chillemi. The two met in the final episode of Che Dio ci aiuti, another Lux Vide production, which features Chillemi as a regular actress in the role of Azzurra and, in the last season, as an extra in the role of bartender Gino. There is speculation that Yaman may have a permanent role in the next season of Che Dio ci aiuti, but nothing is certain.

Returning to Viola come il mare, the filming of the new TV series has just begun: Francesca Chillemi will play the protagonist Viola, while Can Yaman will be Francesco Demir. The Turkish actor, in a post on Instagram, described his character as "Super cool and witty. He's got some carefully crafted lines; he's a hard worker and is full of values. He wants to make a difference in this world, in short, he's just good." The actor appears super excited about his new role and the company on set thanked him for the opportunity and said he hoped he would be worthy in playing it.

Can Yaman learns Italian to feel more comfortable on set
Can Yaman has an excellent knowledge of Italian thanks to his studies in languages during high school. He has been in Italy for 10 months and is perfecting his use of the language: for three and a half hours a day, between takes on set, he dedicates time to tongue twisters in order to feel more comfortable on set. The actor has declared that he really feels at home in Rome. He currently lives in the capital along with his friend Roberto Macellari, often present in his stories on Instagram.

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