Can Yaman about returning to Turkey: 'I hope I can continue working with Turgut'

Can Yaman about returning to Turkey: 'I hope I can continue working with Turgut'

Can Yaman has been at the center of Gossip since the beginning of 2021 since he moved to Italy to continue his professional career in our country. During a recent interview, the Turkish actor talked about the producer Faruk Turgut, with whom he worked in the past in his last two TV series. The Istanbul actor explained that, at the moment, he has commitments tying him in Italy with Lux Vide, but he hopes to be able to return to work in Turkey with Turgut soon.

Can Yaman doesn't exclude working with Turgut again

Can Yaman came to success not only because of his talent and physicality but also because of the love story he played alongside Demet Özdemir in DayDreamer.

Turgut produced the soap opera that chronicles the relationship between Can and Demet and Yaman revealed that he wants to return to work with Faruk as soon as he can. The Turkish actor said: "For now I have commitments with Lux Vide but I hope to continue working with Turgut as soon as possible.

Can Yaman looks forward to working with Turgut again

Can Yaman recall that in Turkey he has acted, until now, in six soap operas and, in the last two, he worked with Faruk Turgut. Regarding a possible new collaboration with Faruk, the future Sandokan said: "Of course, I would like to work together again". Can also explain the difference between Turkish and Italian TV series.

According to Yaman, in fact, while in his country very long episodes are shot, which can last up to two and a half hours, in Italy, on the contrary, shorter episodes are made, 50 minutes long, so there is more time to pay attention to the single scenes, especially the most complicated ones.

Can Yaman is busy in Italy with Viola come il mare

Can Yaman left for Palermo on Sunday, October 3, to continue filming the scenes of Viola come il mare. The Turkish actor, will stay in Sicily for filming for a month, as he declared on his Instagram profile and, after that, he will have to start working for Sandokan.

Regarding the remake of the 70s drama, Can said: ''So far, all the TV series I have starred in have become international, because they have been sold in more than 60 countries around the world. Sandokan will be the first in which I will act in English". We will have to wait until the end of the filming of Viola come il mare and Sandokan to find out if Can Yaman will continue to live and work in Italy.

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