Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, backstory: it was said: 'After the goodbye with Diletta, they would get closer'

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, backstory: it was said: 'After the goodbye with Diletta, they would get closer'

Can Yaman is single again. The news about the end of the relationship between the Turkish actor and the presenter Diletta Leotta is now official. Although he has not yet said a word about what happened, Diletta has chosen to break the wall of silence and has confessed the breakup to Verissimo. In the meantime, more than a month after the end of this relationship, there is talk of a possible approach between Can and an actress well known to the Italian and Turkish public: Demet Ozdemir, the protagonist of DayDreamer.

The break-up between Can and Diletta Leotta: she confirms the break-up

In detail, the news of the breakup between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta exploded when the presenter chose to tell her heart-to-heart to Verissimo, the Saturday afternoon talk show on Canale 5 hosted by Silvia Toffanin.

For the first time, Diletta confirmed that their relationship has come to an end and she didn't hide a touch of sadness, suggesting that she still hopes for a possible flashback with the Turkish star who makes Italian fans dream.

On the contrary, however, Can has chosen not to go overboard and for now has not confirmed this break nor has expressed himself on what were the reasons that led them to say goodbye permanently, thus putting a stone on the past. However, in the course of the last few hours have emerged new backstage on the account of the Turkish star who has enchanted the Italian fans.

Background on Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir

Last year, Can starred with Demet Ozdemir in the soap DayDreamer - The Wings of Dreams, which won the approval of the public, reaching ratings far from those that the actor later found with the series Mr. Wrong.

The chemistry between Can and Demet did not go unnoticed by fans, many of whom hoped that true love would triumph between the two.

There was talk of an alleged secret relationship, born on the set of the soap during filming, and kept hidden by the two interested parties who, however, have never confirmed (but neither denied) this rumor.

There is talk of rapprochement between Can and Demet

Apparently, after the break-up with Diletta, something has changed. It is rumored, in fact, that the Turkish actor is courting again the actress Demet Ozdemir and that the two would be in contact again.

"They would have gotten closer": this is the indiscretion that circulates on the account of the Turkish actor and the beautiful Demet. But will it really be so? After the breakup with Diletta, the Turkish actor will mend his relationship with the star of DayDreamer? We will find out in the coming weeks.

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