Can Yaman and Diletta, back story: she would still be in love with the actor after their breakup

Can Yaman and Diletta, back story: she would still be in love with the actor after their breakup

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta continues to be one of the most talked and discussed of the moment. In a recent TV interview with Verissimo, the sports anchorwoman announced the definitive breakup with the Turkish star that has been making Italian viewers dream, even if, a few weeks after those declarations, it would seem that the relationship is not completely over and that the anchorwoman would still hope for a return of flame.

The final goodbye between Can Yaman and Diletta

In detail, with her voice broken by emotion, Diletta Leotta told Silvia Toffanin that her relationship with the Turkish star of several successful TV series had reached the end of the line. The presenter had admitted that, perhaps, in light of how the situation had evolved, they had rushed too much and that a whole series of circumstances would have led them to say goodbye permanently.

In light of Diletta's declarations to Verissimo, however, the Turkish star did not say a word. Can Yaman has always remained silent and has chosen not to reply and not to shed light on the end of this relationship that has filled the front pages of Gossip magazines throughout the summer season.

Will there be a flashback between Can and Diletta?

The fact is that, a few months after this breakup, the two have taken two completely different paths. Both have focused on their work: Diletta continues to be the leading face of Dazn while Can is in Sicily, where the shooting of the fiction Viola come il mare has begun.

However, it would seem that in this relationship between Can and Diletta, the word "end" would not be completely official, to the point that there is talk of a hope on the part of the presenter to take back the reins of the situation.

The backstage after the breakup between Can Yaman and Diletta

The weekly gossip magazine Ora revealed this backstage, dedicating a cover to the couple Can-Diletta and writing "scoop" on the front page. "Diletta is still in love with Yaman: love can't be erased," the magazine headlines, suggesting that the sportswoman still hopes to take back the reins of her relationship with Can.

But will it really be like that? Certainly, Yaman's silence on this intricate affair would give hope for the future. Is it possible that the actor is not saying a word out of respect for what happened with Leotta in the past months? At this point we just have to wait for the evolution of the situation.

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