Can Yaman and Diletta, backstory about the break-up: 'She said enough, they're on bad terms'

Can Yaman and Diletta, backstory about the break-up: 'She said enough, they're on bad terms'

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta continues to be one of the most discussed Gossip topics of the moment. The two have definitively broken up and, to reveal how things stand, it was the sports presenter herself during a recent interview granted to Verissimo. In the meantime, however, the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, who claims that the two would not have remained on good terms, has thought of revealing some new behind-the-scenes information about the "burst" couple of the moment.

The break up between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman: love story already over

In detail, Diletta Leotta, during her first interview after the breakup with Can Yaman, did not hide her bitterness for the way the relationship with the Turkish actor who makes the Italian audience dream, has evolved.

Diletta, almost in tears, also hinted that she is still in love with Can and that now about two months after the end of their relationship, she has not yet overcome this thing completely. 
On the contrary, instead, Can Yaman prefers to keep silence and confidentiality on this situation that continues to hold the bench on social networks.

The backstage on Can Yaman and Diletta after the definitive breakup

The Turkish star, protagonist of several successful television series, has not yet commented on the end of his relationship with the sports anchorwoman, preferring not to further fuel the gossip.

However, the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica has revealed some background on the end of this relationship. In a recent interview, he let it be known that Can and Diletta are currently on "bad terms".Rosica, therefore, let it be known that the break-up between the two would not be the best and that it would be the sports presenter, the symbol of Dazn, who would put the end to what he considers a "farce".

'Diletta couldn't take it anymore', reveals Rosica talking about the breakup with Yaman

"It was Diletta who said enough, because she couldn't take it anymore also because of Can Yaman's attitude," Rosica let it be known, adding that the Turkish actor would be a bit too excessive in some attitudes.

The gossip expert pointed his finger at Diletta for the interview given to Verissimo, branding it as "false" and therefore not believing the version of facts provided by the presenter. At the same time, according to Rosica, there would be no doubt that both Can Yaman and Diletta have benefited from this situation that, for months, has seen them on the front pages of the various gossip sites and magazines.

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