Can Yaman and Diletta, the backstory after the breakup: 'She reopens but he courts Francesca'

Can Yaman and Diletta, the backstory after the breakup: 'She reopens but he courts Francesca'

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta has been over for a while. The anchorwoman confirmed their breakup to Verissimo even if, the latest backstage, reveal that Diletta would like to try to put back together with the pieces of this love story. The situation, however, could be more difficult, since in the last period Can Yaman would have a special feeling with his new working partner: the former Miss Italia, Francesca Chillemi.

There is already talk of a 'triangle' between Can Yaman, Diletta, and Francesca

In detail, Diletta had announced and confirmed the end of her relationship with Can Yaman at Verissimo, but she left the impression that she did not want to close the door of her heart for good and that she was ready for a possible "return of flame".

Well, according to the magazine Diva Donna, it would seem that the sports anchorwoman has no intention of giving up after the end of her relationship with the Turkish star who, in a short time, has kidnapped her heart.

"Leotta, Yaman, Chillemi: check out that triangle of the heart," writes the magazine on the cover so as to hint that a decidedly rocambolic situation would be underway between the three protagonists of the Gossip of this fall 2021.

The backstory about Can Yaman: the Turkish actor would court Francesca Chillemi

"Diletta reopens to Can, but in the meantime he courts Francesca", still writes the magazine of pink chronicle, suggesting that the actor had some sort of interest in his partner Chillemi, which would go beyond the pure work aspect.

After all, a few weeks ago, it was Can himself to ignite the curiosity of many social fans, posting on his Instagram profile a shot in which he appeared at dinner with Francesca Chillemi. The two actors, with a dreamy look, looked into each other's eyes and the shot literally drove the supporters crazy, who now hope for a possible triumph of their feeling.

The former Miss Italy Francesca and Can Yaman together on the set of the series 'Violet like the sea'

But what is the truth of the matter at this point? Between Can and Francesca could there really be tender as well as speculate the gossip magazines and social fans?

At the moment, the two directly involved in this news, have preferred not to respond and do not respond to these rumors. Both, in fact, are devoting themselves to the filming of the fiction "Viola come il mare", intended for prime time on Canale 5. The recordings are taking place in a "beating drum" in Sicily but for the airing will have to wait until next 2022.

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