Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, Rosica's dig: the two of them put in a lot of hard work.

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, Rosica's dig: the two of them put in a lot of hard work.

The agreement between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta is over. The love story that has been featured in all the gossip magazines this summer has officially come to an end. The two have chosen to say goodbye and take two different roads, as confirmed by the same sportswoman in a recent interview with Verissimo. Yet, weeks after their farewell, there are those who continue not to believe in the veracity of this relationship, as in the case of Alessandro Rosica, who continues to throw arrows at the two now ex-fiancees.

After the break-up with Can Yaman, Diletta flies to Ibiza

In detail, during the day of October 8, the gossip expert revealed an indiscretion about Diletta Leotta, revealing that the sports presenter was going to Ibiza.

This weekend, in fact, Diletta will not be busy with the Serie A soccer championship. Due to the stop for the finals of Nations League 2021, the championship has stopped for a week and consequently, Diletta has chosen to unplug, as evidenced by the stories that she has published on her Instagram profile.

The presenter has appeared at the sea, while she enjoys the last period of well-deserved relaxation in the company of her friends and of course without Can Yaman, with whom the chapter is now closed.

Rosica's dart on the love story between Can and Diletta

In this regard, Rosica has not spared a dig at the couple, since from the first moment he was among those who did not believe in the veracity of this relationship and in their love, believing that it was a story built and engineered at the table, just to increase popularity and approval.

"Diletta Leotta is leaving for Ibiza. It takes a bit of relaxation after the hard work she had to put up with Can Yaman," blurted the gossip expert on his Instagram profile. In short, weeks later, Rosica continues to be of the opinion that the love between the sportscaster and the Turkish actor who made millions of fans dream, was not at all true.

Can Yaman's silence and work commitments

Meanwhile, Can Yaman continues to pursue the path of absolute silence. Despite Diletta Leotta's interview at Verissimo, the actor has chosen not to speak and not to make any kind of statement about what happened with the sports presenter.

A silence that has not gone unnoticed that of the Turkish actor, who, however, prefers to focus only on work. And, in these weeks, he flew to Sicily for the shooting of the fiction "Viola come il mare", destined for prime time on Canale 5.

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