Can Yaman and Diletta, she has a new love? The backstory: 'Alleged flirtation with Cavalli'.

Can Yaman and Diletta, she has a new love? The backstory: 'Alleged flirtation with Cavalli'.

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta has reached the end of the line and, apparently, for the two protagonists of this summer's Gossip, it would be time to turn the page for good. A few weeks ago, the sports presenter was interviewed by Verissimo, where she admitted the end of her relationship with the Turkish actor, without hiding her sorrow and bitterness. Apparently, however, according to the latest backstage reported by Alessandro Rosica on social networks, Diletta could already have a new boyfriend.

Can Yaman and Diletta say goodbye: the love story is officially over

In detail, during the interview with Verissimo, Diletta Leotta confirmed that the love story between her and the Turkish star who conquered the Italian public had definitively come to an end.

A love story consumed in a few months, although at first there was also talk of a possible marriage. Diletta herself confirmed on TV that she had received a proposal from the Turkish actor. However, Leotta admitted that maybe they rushed a bit too much, and maybe this could be one of the causes that led them to say goodbye for good.

As a matter of fact, after almost two months from the end of this love story, both Can and Diletta seem to have taken back the reins of their lives.

The backstage on the new alleged flirt of Diletta Leotta

Both, on social networks, appear happy and smiling while enjoying their outings in the company of friends and acquaintances and now seem to have put a stone on the past. To launch the latest behind-the-scenes on what has been the most discussed and followed couple of this summer 2021, was the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, who on his Instagram profile has dropped a "bomb" on the love life of the sports presenter, face symbol of Dazn.

"Alleged flirtation in progress between the athlete Giacomo Cavalli and Diletta Leotta," wrote Rosica on social media, adding that the two would be spotted together, close-knit, first in Milan and now both would be in Ibiza.

Diletta already forgets Can Yaman with the athlete Cavalli?

"For now it could be a presumed flirtation, acquaintance or something more," continued the gossip expert on social media.

In short, it would seem that Diletta is definitely ready to leave behind this relationship with Can Yaman, despite the fact that at Verissimo she did not exclude the possibility of a possible flashback.

A hypothesis that, with the passing of days and weeks, seems to be increasingly unlikely and difficult to materialize.

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