Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi make fans dream, Rosica puts the brakes on: 'She would be married'

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi make fans dream, Rosica puts the brakes on: 'She would be married'

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi are the new golden couple of Italian fiction. The two, these days, are engaged on the set of the new TV series "Viola come il mare", destined for prime time on Canale 5 and have posted a series of photos on Instagram, which have already sent fans into a tizzy. Many, in fact, hope that between the two actors can blossom of the tender even if the Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, has immediately curbed the enthusiasm.

The photo of Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi makes fans go crazy

In detail, Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, along with the entire working group of the fiction "Viola come il mare" destined for prime time on Canale 5, have recently moved to Palermo, where they will stay for about a month for the filming of the six planned episodes.

Can Yaman has published a photo that portrays him at dinner with his new female working partner and the reactions of the fans were not long in coming. Many people have dreamed and hoped that this professional relationship can turn into something else as soon as possible since together they form a beautiful couple and seem to be very close.

The backstage of Rosica on the relationship between Francesca and Can Yaman

But is it possible that there really is tenderness between the two? To shed some light on these rumors we thought the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, who immediately put these rumors to rest, thus breaking the enthusiasm of many fans who hope for a flirtation between the two actors of the fiction "Viola come il mare".

Rosica immediately clarified that there was nothing between the two (for the moment) and that their relationship and their esteem is only from a professional point of view."She should be married, but that doesn't count for much, it counts that at Can's house she never slept there," Rosica let it be known on social.

In short, it would seem that the one between Can and Francesca is a pure professional relationship, destined to give great emotions to the audience of Canale 5, which eagerly awaits to see this new fiction, destined to make sparks from the point of view of audience ratings.

Can's silence at the end of his love story with Diletta Leotta

Meanwhile, the Turkish actor continues to remain silent about what happened with Diletta Leotta. While the sports presenter chose to talk about it at Verissimo, confirming the end of this relationship that had made fans dream, Can prefers silence.

Two months after their breakup, Yaman has not said a word about the reasons that pushed him and Diletta to break up after a few months of engagement.

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