Can Yaman, backstory on his lifestyle: 'In Turkey it would not be tolerated'

Can Yaman, backstory on his lifestyle: 'In Turkey it would not be tolerated'

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta are at the center of the Gossip because of the end of their engagement, recently announced on television by the sports presenter. During an interview, Rosica explained the reasons why the couple broke up, and, according to her, Can's attitude was also one of the reasons why Leotta broke up with the Turkish actor.

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta: the reasons for the breakup

Rosica revealed some behind-the-scenes information on the love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta. According to the gossip expert, in fact, it would seem that the couple has decided to break off the engagement, according to him a fake one, saying: ''Both have been hurt by how this fake story has been interrupted, they are in bad terms''.

Moreover, Alessandro has explained that Leotta would have said enough.

Diletta Leotta could no longer tolerate Can Yaman's attitude

From Rosica's declarations, it would seem that Diletta, at a certain point, could no longer tolerate Can Yaman's behavior. In particular, according to Alessandro, the protagonist of DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno would like to have fun and, at times, would be a bit excessive, revealing: ''He has a lifestyle that would not be tolerated in Turkey''. Moreover, the celebrity gossip expert confided that, due to these motivations, the Turkish actor would always be together with his best friend, who would also play the role of body guard and handyman.

Regarding Roberto Macellari's role in Yaman's life, Rosica stated, ''He is close to him to take care of him.''

Can Yaman would have obtained advantages from the story with Diletta Leotta

Rosica then explained that the engagement between Can Yaman and the sports presenter of Dazn would have brought economic advantages to both of them, even if, according to him, it would have been the actor from Istanbul to get more, affirming: "Sponsors, projects.

Diletta has had less because she has passed for the profiteer''. In spite of this, Alessandro declared that, in any case, Leotta had an increase in followers on social networks, adding: ''He is a sex symbol, for her it could be a prestige to be labeled as one of her exes''. Following the interview, Rosica revealed that, thanks to information received from the maids who worked in the hotels where the couple stayed, he would have learned that each slept in their own room. At the moment, only Diletta Leotta has released statements about the breakup with the Turkish actor, because Can Yaman continues to keep silent about his love life.

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