Can Yaman: 'I'm not an influencer, I am and will stay an actor'

Can Yaman: 'I'm not an influencer, I am and will stay an actor'

Can Yaman has been at the center of Gossip since the beginning of 2021, since he moved to Italy. In a recent interview, the future Sandokan explained his relationship with social media, especially Instagram, stating that he is not an influencer, but an actor. In addition, Can told about the relationship he has with fans and revealed some curiosities about his TV series. In addition, Yaman told a little more about Viola come il mare, the new fiction in which he will star alongside Francesca Chillemi.

Can Yaman doesn't feel like an influencer, but an actor

Can Yaman has over eight million followers on Instagram, he often shares photos and stories.Regarding his relationship with Instagram, the actor from Istanbul said, ''I use Instagram to communicate what's going on in my life, especially on a professional level. I am not an influencer, I am and remain an actor, however, I am always talking about myself through Instagram as well, because it is an indispensable social media today." Yaman also talked about his fans, revealing that he has a close relationship with them, almost magical, stating, ''They never make me feel lonely and they give me incredible affection and energy.''

Can Yaman sees TV series similar to Sandokan

As for his professional career, Can Yaman will be the main character in Sandokan and confided: ''I am currently watching several TV series similar to the genre of Sandokan, such as Vikings, to try and study the special effects and roles of actors.

Then, like all people, I loved La casa di carta''. Can also said that in the remake of the 70s series he will act in English for the first time and, to play his part, he has been preparing for months.

Can Yaman protagonist in Viola come il mare

Can Yaman has been busy, for a few days, shooting Viola come il mare. After having shot the first scenes in Rome, the protagonist of DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno, will soon go to Sicily, where other scenes will be shot. Regarding the new fiction in which he will be the protagonist, Yaman said: ''The series is based on a noir novel written by Simona Tanzini, 'Do you know summer?' I can't say much at the moment, except that it will be directed by Francesco Vicario, whom I have already met in Che Dio ci aiuti and my role will be that of a mysterious policeman.

We'll be filming in Rome and Palermo, where I'm looking forward to going for the first time''. In Viola come il mare, the actor from Istanbul will work alongside Francesca Chillemi and, regarding the former Miss Italia, Can said: ''Francesca is a good professional and a beautiful person. I'm sure we'll do a great job on the set''.

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