Can Yaman smashed Italian: Praises rained down in the Italian press!

Can Yaman smashed Italian: Praises rained down in the Italian press!

Can Yaman's reputation in Italy is gradually increasing. It was seen that the famous name, who made great efforts to learn Italian, had reached a fluent level in his latest video. Yaman's success in Italian attracted the attention of the Italian press, here are the details... 

Can Yaman, who has been living in Italy for a while, has gained great popularity in the country. So much so that a huge crowd of fans forms in front of the hotels where Yaman stays, and there are constant news about Yaman in the Italian press. The handsome actor, who gained a reputation in Italy, perhaps even greater than his popularity in Turkey. took part in many productions in Italy and will play in a series in the coming period. Working at full speed for the drama he will play, Can Yaman is also doing his best to improve his Italian. Can Yaman. who has been taking private lessons for a while, has attracted the attention of the Italian press. as he is comfortable using the accent and language in the video he shared recently. 


Stating that Can Yaman did what he set his mind to and continued to work in Italian on the set of the TV series, the site emphasized that the secret of Can Yaman's development of Italian was the rhymes. Chiecosa included the sentence "We do not know whether he will stay in our country in the future, but it is obvious that he has learned our language". and praised Yaman with the following sentences: 

As soon as Can Yaman came to Rome, he fell in love with the city and started learning Italian. He took several hours of lessons every day and also trained in famous Italian gestures and facial expressions. He learned rhymes in order to be able to say the most tricky phrases in Italian without getting stuck. In this way, he acquired a fluent and natural Italian. His Italian has improved so much that he will use our language when speaking in TV series, movies and commercials, and it will be believable. The actor, who also trains herself physically for the series Sandokan. is really trying to hold on to the industry. 

Now he has named a cat on the set of the show "Roscetto", a typical Roman phrase. (Roscetto can be translated as red cat in our language). Of course, he does not speak like a Sicilian-born native, but it is also known that Can feels at home in Rome. Can Yaman, who shared a post on his Instagram account said the following: "I've been living in Italy for about 10 months and at this point in my life I can say that Rome, this wonderful city, is where I truly feel at home." 

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