Demet Ozdemir is single again, like Can: fans hope to see them together

Demet Ozdemir is single again, like Can: fans hope to see them together

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir continue to be one of the most beloved television couples in the audience. Both started and ended their relationships, respectively with Diletta Leotta and Oguzhan Koc, in the same period. In fact, after the confirmation of the breakup between Can and Diletta, Demet would be single again: this rekindles the hopes of DayDreamer fans who would like them to be together also in real life.

End of the love story between Demet Ozdemir and Oguzhan Koc

The Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir, who became famous in Italy thanks to her performance in Day Dreamer, is single again.

In fact, after the sentimental bond with the Turkish singer Oguzhan Koc, it would seem that the two have broken up. Given also the coincidence of the end of the relationship of Can Yaman with the sports journalist Diletta Leotta, the hopes of the fans of the Turkish couple have been rekindled.

The confirmation of the breakup between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta

The breakup of Can Yaman with Diletta Leotta, already hypothesized for the absence of photos together in recent months, has been confirmed by the journalist during her interview at Verissimo. Diletta declared she was still in love with Can and hoped for a rapprochement, but no reply came from Yaman, who is currently in Palermo as he is busy filming 'Viola come il mare', alongside Francesca Chillemi.

According to Rosica, Demet Ozdemir and Can Yaman would have been together in the past and then would have had relationships created at the table

Alessandro Rosica, the expert in Gossip, has repeatedly declared to have reliable sources according to which the love stories of Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir would have been false and created for business interests.

The peculiarity of the love stories of Can and Diletta on one side, and Demet and Oguzhan on the other, lies also in the timing: both the relationships, in fact, started in the same period, that is in January 2021. Moreover, the news of Demet's breakup with Oghuzan comes a few days after the official confirmation of the end of the story between Yaman and Leotta.

Alessandro Rosica, recently, referred to an exchange of reactions on Instagram between Yaman and Ozdemir. According to Alessandro, also, in the past, there would have been a real love story between the two Turkish actors outside the set, which would have even included a marriage, blurred because of a betrayal by Yaman. The relationship between Can and Demet, however, has never been confirmed or denied by those directly involved.

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