Diletta Leotta in Ibiza, but there is also Daniele Scardina, Deianira: 'Strange coincidences'

Diletta Leotta in Ibiza, but there is also Daniele Scardina, Deianira: 'Strange coincidences'

Diletta Leotta, now back single after the breakup with the Turkish actor Can Yaman, continues to stay in the spotlight. In recent days, the presenter seems to have taken advantage of the break in the Serie A soccer championship, to relax a few days on the island of Ibiza, along with some friends. Not many hours ago Diletta has published on her official Instagram profile her first photos of the sea and a video, accompanied by the caption "Wild Ibiza". The photographs, however, despite not having anything strange, have immediately triggered the suspicions of Deianira Marzano, who published a story in which she shows that even an ex-fiancée of Diletta Leotta would be in Ibiza, and writes: "Strange coincidences".

This is Daniele Scardina, also known as "King Toretto".

Deianira reports the presence of Daniele Scardina in Ibiza together with Diletta

Diletta Leotta continues to be the undisputed protagonist, together with her ex-boyfriend Can Yaman, of the Gossip of the moment. In the last few hours, the TV host flew to Ibiza with some friends to spend a few days of relaxation. It did not take long, however, before the Neapolitan influencer Deianira Marzano noticed an interesting detail: on the Spanish island, in fact, there would also be Daniele Scardina, the ex-boyfriend of Diletta Leotta. The Italian boxer, just a few hours ago, has published on his Instagram profile, a photo onboard a private plane, with the phrase: "Flying in Ibiza style".

The report given by Deianira Marzano could be a simple coincidence: many celebrities and not, in fact, in October go to Ibiza to continue the summer and relax on weekends and it is not said that between Scardina and Leotta there has really been a rapprochement.

Diletta Leotta at Verissimo: 'I don't know what will happen in the future

In her last interview with Verissimo, Diletta Leotta confessed some details about the end of her love story with Can Yaman and hinted that she still had strong feelings for the Turkish actor: "Whoever thinks that love can be something programmed doesn't know what love is.

I hope it can start again," she said. During the interview, Leotta had confessed to Silvia Toffanin that it was not such an easy moment for her: "It can happen. In the future, I don't know what will happen. Love and life are unpredictable." At the moment, the presenter from Catania has not released any statement regarding her sentimental life, and to find out if the report of Deianira Marzano has something founded, we will have to wait for the next few days.

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